Meant to be?

Abby has never liked one direction but when her mom makes her take her little sister to a concert and she meets Louis, is it not worth it or is it meant to be?


1. ch. 1 the concert

"I can't wait till the concert!" Says Lilly,my little sister.

I have to take her to a one direction concert. This is going to be terrible! We pull up to this massive building with about a thousand girls outside. As we rush through the crowd, I was pushed down by a girl who could care less about me.

"Do you need help love?"

I hear a thick British accent ask. I look up and see a boy who had beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous brown hair.

"Thanks" I say as I was lifted off the ground. He pulls me along with him. On hand in his and the other holding on the my little sister. Everything was a blur as I was pulled through the crowd of girls. We finally reach a door that says "backstage" on it.

"OMG!" I hear my little sister yell.

"What is it?" I say looking in her direction. All I see is five boys.

"Its One Direction!!!" She yells.

I look down the line and see the one that saved me. He starts to walk toward me.

"Thank you." I say trying to be polite.

"What's your name?" He asks.

"A-Abby.." I say trying not to look like a fan girl.

"I'm Louis, and these and my best friends, Harry,Liam,Niall, and Zayn."

Me and Louis start to talk and then I hear Lilly scream.

"This is awesome!" I hear her yell. I look over and see Niall ,her favorite, give hear a big huge.

"Let's go preform, the girls are getting angry!" Says the boy with brown curly hair. They all rush out onto the stage. Lilly and I sat back stage talking about them.

"Story of my life!" We hear they curly haired on say.

"That's the last song, we love you all and we are nothing without you! Goodnight Indianapolis!" I hear the Irish one say. They come back out and Louis walks up to me.

"Would you like to go and get some coffee, I've had a long day and would like to relax." Louis asks me with a shy smile.

"Sure" I say.

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