Save Me || Ashton Irwin

"Please don't go" I cried out

"What else is there left to do Athena??"he yelled out.

"Don't leave me." I choked out

"You brought this upon yourself." He stated walking away

"Just please, Save me."


2. Strangers

I woke up to blinding lights. Wow they were bright. Wait! Didn't I commit suicide? Is this heaven? Who am I kidding I would be in he'll not heaven. I Heard a snore and looked around. I was in a hospital!

And there was a boy sitting in a chair next to my bed sleeping. He was kinda cute. Stop Athena! He is just a boy who will want to get in your pants. Wait not even that who would want to get in a girls pants if she's ugly and fat??

But I still can't trust him. He looked so peaceful like he has no worries in the world. Unlike me. He had brownish blondish hair in a quiff. He had a muscle shirt and jeans. He had a lot of bracelets, but why? When he shifted in his seat that's when I saw it. He had scares. But why?

"Ah, I see your awake Mrs.Homeswell. My name is Clara and I'm your nurse.

I nodded lightly, not knowing what to say.

"alright we'll we found some pills in your system and you seem extremely thin, not to mention the scars on your body. Would you like to explain yourself?"

Did she just say I'm thin? I shook my head, not wanting to talk about it.

"It's alright, I'll just have to set you up with a therapist."

She said strictly and left the room.

I glanced back to the boy next to my bed. He was stirring in his sleep. His eyes fluttered open and his beautiful eyes met mine.

"Hello" he said stretching and smiling at me "My name is Ashton"

I nodded and said " I'm Athena" my voice was more weak then I thought it would be.

"Athena, what a beautiful name." I blushed. Remember he is just trying to get in your pants!

"So, I saw you black out and brought you here. Are you okay?"

I nodded and wanted to ask to about his scars but I thought that would be to straight forward.

"We'll Athena I'll be right back I have to call my manager." And with that he exited the room.

When he did I just started to think. Why did he save me? He didn't even know me. Why do I still have to be alive? And I ended up in tears.

I had no idea how to end this. Anyways I feel really sick like I'm going to vomit. And I look Sooo pale. Ughhhh. Anyways hope you liked it. Bye


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