Save Me || Ashton Irwin

"Please don't go" I cried out

"What else is there left to do Athena??"he yelled out.

"Don't leave me." I choked out

"You brought this upon yourself." He stated walking away

"Just please, Save me."


3. Questions

Athena's P.O.V.

I started sobbing into my hands and I had no idea how to stop. I looked around trying to calm myself, but I had that usual sniff trying to keep my runny nose from going down my face. I saw a chart and it had my name on it.

It had emergency contact, how I'm feeling and what my conditions are. Apparently my emergency contact is Ashton. Is it because he brought me here? Did they search my record to see if I had family, but found out they were dead?

Anyways it seems like they couldn't figure out how I was feeling because it says 'was sleeping' oh we'll. and my conditions are... Anorexia, Bulimic, Self-Harm, and suicidal?? Yea I cut and Tried to take my life but anorexia and bulimic?

Don't you have to be skinny to be anorexic? I sure am fat. I looked down at myself and saw my fat laying on my body. Ew why do I have to be so gross.

"Hey sorry I had to call manager and tell him I'm alright" Ashton said walking in

I nodded and looked down.

"So, Athena...Um... Are you okay?"

"Yea"I said looking down, not wanting him to see my ugly face.

There was a awkward silence until the doctor came in.

"Hello Mrs.Homeswell and Mr.Irwin, I just wanted to come in and ask Mrs.homeswell here some questions" Clara, my nurse said.

I looked at Ashton and it didn't look like he was leaving anytime soon. Great.

"Okay Mrs.homeswell, how old are you?" She asked


"We're you born here in Australia or somewhere else?" She said

"Here" I said softly

"Okay now to the serious questions, why did try to commit suicide?" She asked leaning in

I gulped and said "because, I'm not wanted" I said softly looking down as a tear slips my face.

"Why you are a beautiful girl."

Ha even the doctor lies to me.

"That's not true, stop lying" I said

"Anyways why do you cut?"

I saw Ashton get stiff.

"Helps ease the pain" I said

I glanced at Ashton and he met my eyes and he looked sad. I looked away quickly.

"Last question, do you starve yourself or do you make yourself throw up the food you ate because you are very skinny"

Skinny?!?! I am not skinny. This is when I really laugh

"Hahaha, you think I'm skinny. Wow even doctors lie to my face. I am fat, obese! Of course I starve, of course I throw up every meal! I HAVE to be skinny"

The doctor looked stunned by my sudden outburst.

"Mrs.Homeswell, I am not lying. You are anorexic. And that's all I need so we WILL bring you food and you WILL eat it, even if we have to force the food into your mouth" and with that she left

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