Save Me || Ashton Irwin

"Please don't go" I cried out

"What else is there left to do Athena??"he yelled out.

"Don't leave me." I choked out

"You brought this upon yourself." He stated walking away

"Just please, Save me."


1. Prologue

Eyes, the feeling of eyes burning into you body. I know I'm fat. I know I'm ugly. But you don't have to stare. I feel this everyday. Never good enough, to fat, to ugly, I can't even leave the house until night because I'm ashamed of myself. This is the first and most likely last time I'm leaving during the day. I needed pills. Pills to end this terrible life.

The stares were beginning to bring out my Insecurities. I ran as fast as my two fat legs could carry me. I finally reached the park. It is my favorite park, it's the park my mom brought me to. I can still hear the faded echoes of our laughter. But my demons sure did quickly take over.




Attention seeker




You could never be loved

You Will never be loved

Just go die already.

I cried and cried. They were right. I should just die already. But I need to wait. Wait until the night so no one can hear my screams. I waited and waited to see if anyone would come to save me, but no one ever came. Hours had past and the sun was leaving as the darkness filled the sky. My mind became more and more filled with words that always hurt me.

I sat at the swing and just listened to the creaking of the old abandoned swing, back and forth. I brought out the bag of pills and took out the blade in my pocket. Just a few cuts and the pills and it will all be over.

Do it already cunt.

Are you scared?

No one will come back for you.

Just do it!

"STOP" I yelled. But they didn't. This happened before. They wouldn't stop saying terrible things about me. I sobbed as I made many cuts on my wrist. I brought out the pills and started to swallow them. One by one and my vision got blurred.

I heard someone walking. The foot steps got louder. My vision was blurry but I noticed it was a man. He rushed over to me and picked me up. I didn't have enough strength to say something. But I gathered all of my strength to say "you win" and I blacked out.

Sooooo did you like it? Anyways DID YOU SEE THE HATE ASHTON IS GETTING ON TWITTER. I AM SERIOULY CRYING. I have two other books and They are...

Lost- a Jack and Finn fanfic

Just another fan- a Liam Payne fanfic

Don't have to read but please check them out.

Twitter- _irwinslaughh

Bye ~Sofia

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