Loving an Alpha

The boy. The boy, I think his name was Jonathan. He had dark black hair and green eyes I couldn't stop getting lost in. He was perfect to me. He was perfect, for me. Jonathan was keeping secrets. Secrets nobody knew. Secrets I wanted to know. I loved Jonathan. He should be able to tell me anything. What secret is he keeping from me? And why has it been kept for so long?


14. Chapter 10.

(Ariana's P.O.V.)

I stand up and grab Jonathan's hairy arm. He stands up with him face looking as if he'd done something wrong.

"Ooh a little bit of sex is about to happen." I hear Destinee call out.

"Guys, if you hear the ceiling rumbling like there's an earthquake happening, don't worry. It'll just be Jonathan beating that pussy up with that monstrous dick of his!" Jake says.

My face gets red quickly, showing my mix of irritation and embarrassment, as everybody stares awkwardly at Jake.That's when I see Carmen punch Jake in the arm, making him quickly cling to his arm. I hear the front door creek open and in walks Alex with Roselyn not too far behind.

"Hey, happy birthday Ari." Alex says, giving me a hug so tight I can barely breathe. "Sorry we're late."

Once Alex let's go of me, I turn around and see Carmen walking towards me.

"Well, thanks for the sleepover and the breakfast but I gotta go. Happy birthday, make sure you enjoy it." She says with a half smile before squeezing by to leave.

I know why she left after looking at Roselyn all up on Alex. What a whore. I mean she could've at least respected the fact that her ex was here and that it's in my house and my birthday.

"C'mon Ari, we have to talk." Jonathan says, pulling my arm.

"Well it can wait." I snap at him.

"It really can't."

"Well it's gonna have to." I say, pulling my arm from his grip.

I storm through crowds of people until I reach my desired destination. Roselyn.

"Excuse me." I say, somewhat nicely to the inseparable couple.

"Oh hey Ari, happy birthday by the way." Roselyn says with a fake smile.

We didn't really get along, but we tried for Carmen's sake. But now that that's over, we can finally let the rivalry continue.

"Thanks, can I talk to you for a second though?"

"Of course, shoot."

Oh if only I had a gun.

"I kinda meant in private."

"Anything you can say in front of me, you can say in front of Alex."

Why must she make this so difficult?

"Well I don't think you'd like this to be know to the whole party."

Roselyn rolls her eyes and pushes herself off Alex's lap, grinding her ass on his inner thighs.

"I was just busting your balls." She says as Alex gives her a tap on the ass.

She looks back at him with a smile.

"We won't be long." I say grabbing her by the arm upstairs.

We enter room and I lock the door after us.

"Is that necessary?" She sighs, crossing her arms.

"Is the need for you to grind all up on Alex in front of your ex necessary?" I shout.

"My ex?"

"Oh don't act like you've forgotten bitch."


"Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Captain obvious."

"Carmen wasn't even here." She says, rolling her eyes at my previous comment.

"Yes she was. She walked right past you for fucks sakes."

"Well I didn't see her."

"Maybe because there was too much dick in you face." I mumble.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh I'm sorry, are you moaning too loud to hear me?"

"Listen bitch, you need to watch yourself." She says, stepping closer putting a finger in my face.

"And you need to watch your chlamydia ."

"I don't have chlamydia."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Are you sure that Carmen doesn't have chlamydia?"

"It wasn't a real dick, it was a strap on."

"She still ate me out." Roselyn says with an evil grin.

I scoff in disgust, as a picture fills my head.

"I could've lived without that information."

"Oh grow up. You already knew she did that."

"Yeah but, I didn't need to hear about it again."

A knock arrives at my door, startling me.

"Ari, are you in there?" Jonathan calls.

"What do you want Jonathan?"

"I need to talk to you."

"I guess that's my queue to leave." Roselyn says brushing past me.

"No, you're not going anywhere. I'm not done with you." I say, blocking the door.

"Why, you wanna fuck me before I leave?" She says, biting her lip.

"Ugh, never in my life."

"Never say never, isn't that right Jonathan?"


"He knows what I'm talking about."

"Shut up Roselyn." I hear Jonathan say angrily.

"What is she talking about Jonathan?"

"Nothing that needs to be discussed right now."

"Oh....my.....god." I say as my lip quivers.

"No Ari, it's not what you think."


"No Ari, just stop, open the door and let me explain."

My heart is racing as my adrenaline rush to beat Roselyn's ass increases. Roselyn opens the door and let's Jonathan in who quickly clings to me. I stand there motionless, emotionless, as disgust runs through my mind.

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