Pure - House Of Moon Series.

house of moon


1. Pure


"Seth don't do it!" Nora screamed. "She's not worth it! She doesn't even love you!"

" I love her and i'm willing to sacrifice myself for her." He said it so calmly that nobody would even wonder that he's going to die.

With that he walked over to where Claire was being consumed of her Aura by the Blue Eclipse. Seth grabbed her hands and whispered his last sweet words in Claire's ears before he broke the connection between her and the Blue Eclipse taking her place to be consumed of his life form as sacrifice.

Cole came running to the scene and caught Claire before she hit the ground after blacking out. "He loved you more" He said honestly. Seth's love for Claire was unconditional. Unfortunatly Claire never saw it.

"I lost him. He sacrificed himself to save her." Nora fell on her knees while her tears fell freely. She had loved Seth since day one but never had the guts to say so.

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