Not an ordinary Cinderella Story

"Bridget! Clean my room!"
"Brigdet! By me my drinks please!"
"Get down here!!"
"Take this trash out!"
"Bridget. Please fold my laundries"
"Make my homework!"

Ah those are the sweet sound Of Chores or more like orders of my beloved Mother and Sisters. When will my life change?


1. Chapter1:Story of My Life


Hi! I'm Bridget Reid. Friends call me bridge or Bree. I'm 17 I have blue eyes. Dirty Blonde curly Hair well so much for that By the way. Oh that's Georgia calling me My Mum or more like my Master. You see she isn't my real mom. She said that someone just left me at their door step when I was an infant. She felt pity on me so She adopted me. Well. Of all Residences in London I landed here!! Georgia she feeds me. Brings me to school. Gives me clothing's. In exchange I serve her and her bratty Daughters. Ruby and Amethyst(Amie). Amie is Georgia's Eldest Daughter. She has green eyes and brown hair well you could say that she's pretty. She's a minx She has 5boyfriends and She replaces them EVERY MONTH! One time I caught her Snogging around with some grader she said she was just being friendly she's the queen bee btw!. Ruby she looks like Amie but a prettier, Ruby and I are just the same age. Ruby is The Dumbest Girl I've ever known ! She's a total Bimbo. We get along some times specially when She's mad at her sister. Georgia makes my life miserable at home while Ruby and Amethyst Makes my life even more Miserable in school!

"Bridget!! What Is taking you so long!!" Georgia screamed.

"Yes. Mother! i'm coming " I sang with a tune . So This is how my day starts. I went down to check on her command.

"Bridget.guess what! We Are going on a trip to Europe!" She said with a very excited tune!

! I've always wanted to go to somewhere else aside from here!

"Really?! Yay!" I said very gladly.

"How says you're coming with us? You are going to stay here and General clean the house!" She exclaimed showing me all the trashes dirt around here. You know what sucks about cleaning this house? You'll clean it now then the next day it's like a tornado crashed here. I was expecting her to say that But I'm still glad cuz They will be out for the whole week!

"Don't worry my dearest sister we'll bring you Presents !" Amie Chuckled sarcastically. I just gave her a Sweet smile.

"Okay we'll be going! Take care Bridget don't forget what I told you. Don't forget to lock the door before going to school and No Parties! Okay! Love you" Georgia smiled gave me a fake hug.

"K bye!" I Smiled. Waving my hands to them as they entered the car.

"Keep save guys!" I shouted as the car left.

Finally. No Gorgia No Ruby No Amethyst. Hello Rest! After they left I went back inside laid my self down on their soft Sofa

"Bridget!" If there's someone I'm glad to here calling my name its Rebecca. Becca's my Fairy god mother slash Bad day cheer upper, Sister,mother, and super Bestie!

"Bridge hey were's Ms. Wicked? And her evil minons ? " oh btw Becca calls Georgia Ms.wicked.

"there on Vacation That means I'm in heaven! After I clean this house I-AM-FREE!" I inhaled deeply. Becca Chuckled and said she'd help me clean this House. Well I denied her offer first but she insisted so I Agreed. After we cleaned This house we went out to Relax

First stop:ManiPedi parlor

Second:Body massage

And Lastly:Moonleaf milk tea.

Good thing I saved money from my allowance last 2months. Since Georgia and her daughters are out Becca Stayed here for the night.

"Bridge! Chad Finally noticed me! Gahh he asked me out Chaaad ahhh!!!" She blabbered Smiling like an idiot.

I just chuckled shaking my head.

"Good Night becc! We still have classes tomorrow!" I turned of my night light and took a good night sleep.

The next morning I woke up without anyone Screaming my name early in the morning! No Georgia For a week! This is how morning feels like without Georgia and Her brats. But my mood suddenly changed when I looked at my Wall clock Aghhh! It's 6:40. But becca's still a sleep so I woke her up And we both rushed to the bathrooms and after 5mins we quickly got dressed and rushed out to school.

"Aghh! What time is is I don't wanna be late for our history Class. Or else Mrs.Reasint will go nuts!" She said while Driving.

"Well relax we still have 6 mins in-counting " I giggled.

When we reached to our school we ran as fast as we both could but Fortunately I bumped into a someone I never met before.

"I'm so sorry are you hurt?" He looked worried. Picking up my books.

"Bridget. Come on lets go we have 30second left!!" Becca helped me up and I just smiled at the stranger and we ran to our class again

"Ohh Thank God Ms.Reasint isn't here yet!" Becca Inhaled. After a few seconds Mrs.Reasint arrived with a very bad mood. Then suddenly a guy entered. Oh ow lucky him. But weirdly Mrs.Reasint was Happy when he arrived.

"Okay class We have new student I'd like you to meet Mr.Cross Sanford from Australia he's an exchange student"

I think i saw him before. Aha! He was the cutie guy who bumped me.

"Mr.sanford sit there beside Ms.Reid" Mrs.Reasint pointed the sit next to me. Good thing I sat beside a vacant seat.

"Hi ?" he smiled.

"Hi me?" I asked raising my right eyebrow.

He nodded. "You're Brigdget right I'm sorry for what happened a while ago."

"No worries!" i smiled.

"Oh By the way I'm Cross James Sandford." He reached out his hand.

"I'm Bridget Reid You probably know that" I chuckled and shook his hand.

After our classes was over me and becca went back home. Becca promised that she'd stay with me while Georgia's on vacation.

"So What do you think about CROSS" she teased.

"Ha-Ha-Ha hey What About your date with Funky haired chad?" I pouted.

"Yah I gotta get dressed" She stood up and went to the bathroom and took a quick shower.

She Picked out her Purple Skirt and Pink tops.

"How do I look?" She asked looking at her self in the mirror.

"Gorgeous!"I Smiled.

She added a bit of make up on and went out with her car. I checked my phone to see if someone texted me. 'One new message'

I opened the message and The number was unregistered.


Hi Bridget its me Cross

OMG how did he knew my number? I registered his number to my contacts and texted

him again.


Hi! How'd you knew my number?😝

I replied with an emoji.

He told me that Becca was responsible for that. Mmmm…

Well a few days past me and cross became closer at school.

Its a sunday morning when woke up with the sound of my alarm. 'Georgia's home'

OMG it's the end of my Fun free week.

I went down and waited for them to arrive. After a few minutes the bell rang.

"Hello Georgia" I told my self.

"Bridgeeeet!" Ughh Georgia.

"Carry My Bag up my room !" Amie smiled with a glare.

"Mine too Sister " ruby followed.

Hello Bratties.

"I missed You Darling" Georgia gave me a hug and handed me some a paper bag full of clothes. Well To be honest I appreciated it those clothes were very nice.


"Yah whatever Bring my Bags upstair I Still phave a jetlag!" She blabbered going up the stairs.

The next day Ruby and Amie. Noticed the new Cute guy at school which is Cross.

"Bridget!" I saw waving his hand Cross comming near me.

"Hi Bridge!" He smiled.

"Oh Hi!"

I saw My dear sisters walking towards me giving me death Glares.

"Hi Sisie!" Amie Gave me a fake smile with a matching fake hug.

"You so you have a sister?" Cross raised his eyebrow.

"Yes hi I'm Amethyst you can call me amie or Babe! Bridget's Elder sister." Amie reached out her hand. Giving him a Flirty look.

"And I'm Ruby Bridge's Same aged sister"

She reached out her hand.

"Augh! Ruby You don't call that 'Same aged!' Dumbo!" Amie Glared.

"Well I have a class nice meeting you Amie and Ruby bye Bridget!" Cross smiled and walked towards his class.

"CALL ME!" Amie added.

"Oh I also have a class Chow Sisters !" I gave them a very fake smile and went to my class.

"Chow? What does that means?" Ruby followed me just to asked that question. I just gave her a look and Continued walking.

After Class I saw Cross waiting for me.

"Hey Bridget! I wanna invite you to my birthday It's This coming saturday everyones invited and I'm expecting You to be there Promise me ok?" He smiled and handed me an invitation card.


Hiii Guys just be patient OneDirection will appear in this story SOON!



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