Not That Bad

if the government falls, everyone falls....


1. Mrs.Winterton

No ones POV

   "Mrs.Winterton!" Called a tall, smart looking man. He had glasses, a tie, and was wearing a really nice watch.

   "Yes, Mark." Replied Mrs.Winterton. She was a short, middle aged lady, with brown hair reaching right under her shoulders. She was wearing a green dress that came to right above her knees, normally she wouldn't wear something like this, but today she had special circumstances. Mrs. Winterton had just become president of the country New Haven, it was one of the most powerful Countries in the World. The last president of New Haven was sadly assassinated by Rebels. He had died at the age of 26, and Mrs.Winterton fastly approaching the age he died at, she prayed that she would not die at 26 as well.

    "The rebels are threatening to Attack, Unless you step down from Presidency." Mark answered. Mrs.Winterton said with a sigh

     "I will not step down, if I do, and one of them becomes President, they will destroy our country." She bit her lip and finished "Call in Anne, please." It was true what she said if the rebels got in to the government they would destroy everything they loved, though they didn't know this yet, they would soon find out. The rebels were led by a man at the age of 28, in high school he had tried to win over Kara Winterton's heart but failed. Mark left Mrs. Winterton in the small room, and went to get Anne. Anne was Mrs.Winterton's good friend and her presidential advisor. She was a few years younger than the President, about 23. She had wavy long reddish, brown hair and a pale face. She was beautiful, Mrs.Winterton on the other hand was more beautiful on the inside instead of the outside.

      When Anne arrived she came up to Mrs.Winterton and said "I am so sorry Kara, you should have stepped down." She looked at Kara Winterton's confused face for only a few seconds before she shot her.

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