*Shortlisted in the Sony Young Movellist Competition 2014
One year ago, Violet’s boyfriend disappeared before her eyes. One year later, her parents have finally given up on therapists and have sent her away to a boarding school. And during a time when Violet can’t believe her parents would abandon her, she meets three people, each with a secret that will change her world forever. Maisy is her roommate, exciting and energetic. Sunny is charming, attractive and intense. Gabrielle is Sunny’s best friend and buying Violet as much time as she can…before she dies. They are all pixies and have something to tell Violet, whether or not she chooses to believe it. In a world full of wings, glowing hair and prophesies, Violet discovers her true identity, her true bloodline and her true love.


1. Chapter One

School classroom seats had never felt so uncomfortable. I’d had a reckless night of well-deserved sleep and my fatigue bullied me as I sat dazing—vaguely paying little attention to the teacher’s explanation. The class was silent and clearly bored at the description of the illegal drug the teacher gave, so I sat quite well with the other students. 

   It was my second day at the new school. The first boring and terrible days of many more to come. My first day had begun with a forced introduction from the boarding school’s principal, explaining that whatever had been in my past did not matter anymore – so long as it didn’t interfere with the future – and that he accepted me immediately as an intelligent and enthusiastic student. He had also assured me the other students would take a liking to me to a point of almost obsession. The principal was an old man who looked like he’d been working twenty years too long. His hair was wet with grease and his eyebrows reminded me of a verandah off the front of a house. His shirt hugged at his figure and—cringe—whenever he lifted his arms, there was a circular patch of moisture.

   I was shown to my boarding bedroom, in which was located on the fourth floor, the level unfortunately situated above the male dorms. The dorm had two single beds, made up with old cream sheets and a thin blue blanket. There was no bed frame, and it was clear my dorm mate had made up the bed as neatly as possible as one of her teddies was placed in front of my pillow.

   Before I examined my sharp eyes around the rest of the room, I approached the one-eyed teddy and knocked it too the floor boarded ground with the back of my hand.

   The slim room had one window, overlooking a large grapevine and strawberry field. There were few gardeners picking carefully at them, occasionally popping a sweet and juicy berry in their greedy mouths. Farther away from the fields was a large river with a class of approximately twenty students canoeing down stream in a race. I watched as the teacher blew their whistle angrily at a group of boys that were secretly trying to capsize the boat. A small laugh bubbled in my throat.

   One chest of drawers was in the corner of the room, beside a small and pokey desk that had a lamp positioned on it, plugged into the wall beside my bed. I ripped it out and the lamp fell to the ground with a clatter. I’d need that power point.

   The cafeteria was large and round. Circular tables were lined in rows of twenty with five chairs seated at each. Two tables were already filled with older students eating muffins and apples from the “snack platters” and I watched, with a hint of jealousy rising in my stomach, as they laughed and talked about simple things that connected them together.

   I met eyes with one boy who waved at me in complete politeness. He was obviously younger than the rest of the students—probably their pet, I assumed—but instead of taking up on his offer, I glared right into his eyes and stomped off with the principal.


   ‘As you can see, well I can certainly see, you will no doubt fit in here at Dewest Field Boarding school.’ I stared at the principal with no signs of hope and knew immediately that my personality was not suited for this school and certainly not the perfectly uniformed and behaved students. The principle looked at the ground when I simply stared at him and his body went slack. 

   ‘Now, here is your timetable and on the other side is a map of ways to get to your classes. I drew up ways to the rooms myself.’

   I grunted a thank you and walked off in the other direction. Before I turned down the corridor to the main staircase, I looked back at the Principle who had broken out in a sweat and was fiddling nervously with his hands. I was never going to fit in at this school.


‘You are here!’

   I fell from the hard bed to the also hard floor in shock and knocked over a table with books piled on top. Each one slid from the wooden table and fell to my head. Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter and different versions of Science for Dummies landed on me. I groaned furiously.

   ‘Oh gosh, are you okay?’

   Apart from falling over, and becoming bruised on the head from numerous books banging onto it, I was in the deep end of who was yelling excitingly in my direction. I thought about what pathetic little girl’s voice that belonged to.

   ‘Here, let me help you,’ I heard the girl’s footsteps approach and relief flooded over me as the books one by one were lifted off me and back to the table. At last, regretfully, I took one first look at her. My nightmares came true.

   The feature I noticed on her body first was her round hazel eyes that examined me in an electrified way. The brown of her eyes was evil and judging me, whereas the green – spider legs itching at her brown centre – was kind and friendly. 

   The girl’s blond hair was short and spiky, like a pixie’s, and the very edges were a spotted green and blue. Her eyes were almost Egyptian with the way her eyeliner had been drawn on, and at both ends of her eyes a metallic blue dot was visible.

   Her nose was perfectly shaped and rosy pink at the end, blending in with her blushed cheeks and pink lips. Her jaw was square and well shaped, and her neck was slim. It attached her beautiful head to the rest of her skinny and small body.

   The girl offered her hand and whilst snapping out of my daze, I knocked it away when I stood without the help. I brushed dust and dirt off of my clothes and out of my hair.

   ‘I’m Maisy,’ the girl extended her hand and I stared intently at it with no intention of shaking it.


   I sat back down on the bed and pulled out my phone to begin texting someone who could provide a little bit of sympathy for me, complaining about this new school and my new roommate that was already pushing her luck to be friends with me.

   ‘Aren’t you going to tell me your name?’ The Maisy girl asked crossing her legs on the end of my bed patting down the creases she created. My head lifted to look at her, and it was clear I had offended her.


   ‘You’re very stubborn.’

   ‘You’re very polite.’

   ‘Mean, selfish, phone obsessed, not worthy; six words that truly explain you,’ Maisy pursed her lips and her eyes and eyeliner thinned. ‘Why is your hair purple?’

   ‘I dyed it.’

   ‘Why are you so pale?’

   ‘I was born with it so cancel out the chance that I’m a vampire.’ My eyes fell from hers and the sides of her lips twitched in smile. Her smile brightened her face even more. Her teeth were small and perfectly white, which made my stomach turn. I looked away immediately.

   ‘I don’t think you’re a vampire,’ She confessed and I edged my bottom back further, closer to the concrete pillow. She moved with me and her eyes twinkled with delight.

   ‘Sure you don’t!’ I responded coolly under my breath. She heard me.

   ‘Do you have a friend here?’

   ‘No and don’t plan on getting one.’ My eyes traced her expression and something I had said caused her to grin at me. When she next spoke next her voice was smooth and almost singing. She said, ‘I hate to bring this to your attention but you’ll find life here at Dewest Fields very boring if you make no friends.’

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