You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone *ON HOLD*

Rosa Singleton is a 15 year old girl that lives with her mother. Her life is wonderful, until the day her mother dies. What will she do with out her? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

                “You’re gonna miss me by my hair, you’re gonna miss me everywhere.  Oh, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

        I sing to “Cups” as I walk to school.  When I get there, I go to my locker and get my books.  As I sit down, the bell rings.  Ms. Folia, my English teacher, walks in quickly.

  While she is unpacking her bag, she says, “Sorry I’m late, students.  There was a terrible accident on the way here.”

After she is done, she starts a lesson about commas.  I roll my eyes.  This is such a simple subject.  During the lesson, the principal walks in with a grim face.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak with Ms. Rosa Singleton.”

A chorus of ooo’s goes throughout the room as I stand up.  I walk out of the room with him and go into his office.

“Sit down”.

        I do as he says and sit.  He sits down.

        “I feel terrible saying this, but.. Your mother is dead.”

        I let out a cry.  Tears start to roll down my cheeks.  How could this happen?  She was the most amazing person in the world.

        I manage to murmur, “How?”

        He replies softly, “She was in a car accident.  She died on impact.”

        I nod.  At least she didn’t have to suffer.  The tears come faster.  He clears his throat.

“I know this is terrible for you, but I need to know.  Do you have any other relatives?”

        I shake my head no.  My father left us when I was born, my mom was an only child, and her parents died.  I let out another cry as I realize I’m all alone.  I have NO ONE.

        “Then you’re going to have to be put into foster care.  You will have until the end of the week to pack up your things.  You will still be able to attend this school.  Do you want to leave early?”

        I nod and he hand me a note to give to my teacher.  I take it and go back to English.  When I get there, I hand it to Ms. Folia.  As she reads it, she gasps.


        She hugs me and whispers, “I am SO sorry.”

        I whisper back, “Thank you.”

        She lets go and I grab my things.  After putting them in my locker, I start to walk home.  Tears start to pour out of me.  My knees let out and I fall onto the grass.  What am I going to do without her?

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