After the Credits: Fr❄zen

You've probably seen Frozen, right? You probably know it best from the award winning song, Let it Go. Well know, in this very story, I am going to share some stories of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

Hi snowmen, I'm slowly running out of ideas, so I want to start taking some requests for short stores. I will do about anything, but PLEASE no dirty stuff.


1. Bedroom Buddies

Bedroom Buddies


Anna's POV

                 As I walked towards Elsa's bedroom door, my mouth went dry. What should I say to her? Should I give her some more time after what happened over the past few days? I'm not sure. I sigh, but it is a slightly louder sigh than I usually make because as soon as the sound in the hallway dies down and eventually becomes quiet, I hear Elsa's voice.


Elsa's POV

                "Anna?" I say concerned. "Everything alright?"

                "Kind of..."

                " Do you want to come in and talk about it?"

                "Wait, what? Really? 'Cause we've been separated by a door for fifteen years and like,                      but I-"

                "Anna, it's alright. Don't you know? You can come to me whenever you want, I'm here for-"


                  Anna swings the door open with all her might and sprints in to give me a warm hug, just like one of Olaf's.


Anna's POV

                  Right there, right then I had just remembered what I wanted to say to Elsa. I opened my mouth, then quickly closed it. Elsa had a questioning look in her eyes saying, We're you saying something?

                  "Oh, um, Elsa?


                  "I know this sounds really stupid and babyish, but, will you move back to our old


                 "Of course!"

                 *excited squeal from Anna* 







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