A bit strange but I've never seen anyone write in the second person ever. The challenge was too irresistable.


1. It spoke to me

Hello. I am your shadow. Nice to meet you. Or should I say, nice for you to meet me. Because I already know you. I know all about you. I am your stalker. And I know that you always run when your scared. I've noticed that. But I'm your shadow, so figure out what you're going to do now you can't run. Not from me. Wherever you go, I'll still be there, I'll still be following you. Unless you dare to go into darkness.

I know you can hear me. Do as I say. Otherwise I'll have to hurt you. Don't think I'd enjoy it, whenever I hurt you it nearly feels as if I'm hurting myself. You and me are the same, can't you see. This is who you are and who you'll become. There's no point trying to resist me, I am yourself, the inescapable inevitability of what you are. I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me because nobody will ever even believe I'm real. I don't care if you won't acknowlege me.

No questions, now do as you're told. You have to leave now. I'm not making you, you'd leave anyway. Why'd you want your family to see me, you're ashamed of me. They already think you're crazy, go quickly before they see what I've done to you. I don't exist. It's not me they'll blame, no- they'll blame you. Run. After all, that's what you do best, isn't it.

Look around. That there is the real world. See how close it is, right in your grasp. Reach for it. Go on, grab hold of reality. Why can't you reach it? It's right there, all around you, just close your eyes and take it. Embrace it, this is real, this is true.

You've failed. The most depressing thing is, you could have had it, if you'd made more effort. I think you don't actually want to. Be honest with yourself now, I think you enjoy this insanity, it gives you an excuse. You're wrong. Not even those closest to you reached out to help, nobody cares about you. They won't forgive you because of the maddness. If anything they will hate you more. Everybody always seems to think hate stems from a strond dislike. No. That's wrong. Hate stems from fear.


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