Don't you remember!

Niall met Lilly on the plane! She seemed to know him a bit to well! But how. She knows more than the fans. He needs to find out how.


1. who are you!


The tour was over so me and the lads had decided to visit our family's for a month. And after that go back to London and say at Harry's place for a week.

I was going home to Ireland! They were gonna have a 'welcome home party' for me! I was so excited. Not just for the party but to be home! I checked in and now I was looking for a seat on the plane. I just sat in the first empty seat.

There was a girl sitting at the window seat. She was just staring out the window. She seemed to be in her own little world.


I was on the plane looking out the window thinking. Thinking of everything. I was going over to Ireland for a job interview in Dublin. As I was thinking someone plonked down beside me making jump a little. I looked around Oh NO it was Niall! "Hey" he said "I like your suitcase" he smiled trying to make conforsation. "Oh got it for me!" Oh shit! Why on earth did I say that! What was I thinking! I looked a way quickly. But looked back to see his reaction. He looked confused!

"Amm...sorry what" he said. I really regretted saying that. I didn't mean to it just....sorta...came out! What should I do! Will I tell him! NO I can't do that! What if Management found out! God knows what they could do. They had warned me to stay away after Niall lost his memory! Dey never liked me with him. And when Niall hit his head and lost his memory they saw it as Thair chance to get rid of me!

Don't think that I didn't put up a fight and DONT think I just got over Niall in a second! Cause I didn't! In fact seeing him made me feel sick! The way I left him. I know I didn't leave him outta choice but...still! And I will never forget what Managment done to us! We were so in love! Management warned the boys too! Louis was like a brother to me and when the pushed me away from all the boys I had know one!

"Niall I'm sorry!" I said feeling guilty but didn't know why! "Do I know you!?" He said. I felt so bad. I suddenly felt angry! He must have seen it in my eyes, and backed away slightly. " amm Niall I can't tell you now I'm sorry but many when we get to Ireland is there somewhere quite where we could talk!" I knew where he was going to bring me, he brought me there when we were together. It was in a tittle tree house way out in the woods behind his house. "Ya okk" he said


Oh no I forgot about the party! "Er...amm.. Sorry u didn't catch your name." I said feeling very

Confused. "Oh ya sorry's Lilly" she said with a smile that felt strangely fimular but not sure form where. Cause I had never met this prison before. "I'm sorry we won't be able to talk tonight, but maby tomorrow?" I said feeling a bit bad for blowing her off. "Sure, here pass me your phone and I'll give ya my number, so ya can give me a call tomorrow. "

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