Long distance friendships are pretty common these days. And so, I guess are long distance relationships. Some may frown upon them, whereas others find it almost normal. Millie Townsley is one of those who finds it easier to talk online. Her life outside of the internet is pretty tough, so she turns to James Miller for advice and support. But life through the internet isn't at all any easier. Not when she's fallen in love with her best friend who lives in a whole other country. Oh, and the fact that he may never feel the same way.


1. Chapter One

    Everybody knows about stereotypes. That the nerds are all spotty, dress horribly, and study non-stop. The jocks spend all their time being vain and caring only about themselves. You get my point, right? Well, if you were to take one look at me you would think I were one of those jocks. But at school, all I ever get called is a nerd. I don’t study non-stop, in my opinion I don’t dress horribly, but even if someone does, who am I even to judge? Everyone had their own style, and we all have our own opinions. Nobody is going to like everything you wear, do or even say. Nobody is perfect. The only reason I get called a nerd is because I get straight A’s, I don’t often leave the house, they all assume I’m studying. I mean, yes, I study but not as much as they think.

    “So, this one dress or the one before?” I struck a pose, pretending to model. I wore a navy blue dress, with a light blue collar and a thin belt around my waist, it matched the collar.

    “They both look great on you” James told me “Although, that blue one does hug your body better” he admitted. I smiled into the camera, smiling at the boy who was my best friend. I looked down at my watch.

    “You better get some sleep. You have school in the morning too” I began my lecture, but he only interrupted me.

    “I know, mom” He poked his tongue out at me and we said our goodbyes. I just stared at the Skype home screen for a couple of seconds, before shutting my laptop down. Whilst my laptop was shutting down, I went into my closet to find a pair of shoes to wear. I headed straight towards my stacks of shoe boxes. I knew exactly what shoes I wanted to wear, so it didn’t take me long to find them.

    “Hey mum” I said as I entered the kitchen. The smell of pancakes filled my nose.  “Smells good”. I picked up a plate and the syrup and headed toward the table. I sat in my usual seat, and realised almost immediately that something was wrong. “Is something wrong?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

    “Your father spent the night with your Grandmother” She let out a long sigh before adding, “We had a fight last night” I didn’t really know what to say so I just nodded. Just then my older brother walked into the room. “Toby...” My mum started to say, but he interrupted her.

    “I was awake when you and dad were arguing. I know it all” He said. I noticed that he didn’t look very happy, and it made me wonder what my parents were arguing about. I decided not to think about it, and just concentrated on finishing my pancakes. “I heard you talking to that guy” Toby smirked at me. He found the whole situation rather amusing.

    The thing is James lives in America, his time zone is 5 hours behind England. Which means, talking and Skyping at annoying times of the day. We met online, I was bored one day and tired of all the bullying. So I decided to go on a chat site, and talk to someone who didn’t know me. That’s where I met James. We started talking to each other about video games, we actually ended up talking for a few hours. We talk every day and Skype as much as possible. He’s my best friend, the one person I can turn to when I feel like talking to no one.

    “Can you really not pick out your own clothes?” Toby asked, sniggering at what he said. “Does little Millie need help with everything?”

    “Oh, please. Your jokes were never funny” I rolled my eyes at him. I don’t know what it is about Toby, but he likes to make fun of other people. He’s always been like it, I just don’t understand why. “I better get going” I said, picking up my school bag. “Bye Mum, love you” I kissed my mother on the cheek and then left the house.


    “Again? Are you kidding me? I bet her parents just buy her grades” I turned around to see who was talking about me. Melinda Keys. I should have known. “They could afford to pay all her teachers a whole load of money” She obviously hadn’t noticed I could hear her.

    “Or maybe I work for my grades? Have you heard of this thing called studying? Maybe you should try it out sometime” I snapped back.

    “Oh, she bites back?” Melinda really didn’t care whether I heard her or not. I shook my head, she wasn’t worth my time. I looked down at my assignment that had been given back, and just stared at the A*. I was proud with my grade, I worked really hard for it. The hours I spent not talking to James, made it all worth it. These silly girls, were not going to get to me.

    “Well done Millie, your hard work has shown in this assignment. Keep up the good work” Mr Giles smiled at me.

    “Thank you, Sir” I held the paper in my hand, admiring my work. I was really excited to be able to show James, he would be so proud of me. Not like those girls, who are just jealous. The bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson.

    “Remember your exams are only a few weeks away, you need to be studying now if you haven’t started already” Mr Giles told everyone and then let us leave for our lunch. As I always did I waited for the room to clear out before trying to leave the room. It sometimes causes a few problems for me. Usually resulting in Melinda doing something unexpected.

    There was this one time I left the classroom just as Melinda did. She started talking to me, she was being real nice. I didn’t suspect anything at the time because I hadn’t been at the school long, I didn’t know Melinda as a person. I went to lunch with her, we had spaghetti and meatballs. I sat down next to Joshua, as it was the only empty seat. Melinda came over after getting her lunch and just stared at me. She narrowed her eyes and just stared. She didn’t say a word, she just continuously stared until I started to feel uncomfortable. And just as I was getting up to move somewhere else, she stuck her foot out causing me to trip. I fell right into my food tray, leaving me covered in the meatball sauce and spaghetti stuck to me everywhere.

    I felt so embarrassed, I remember after running straight to the rest room that my face was the brightest shade of red. And by the time my make-up had run everywhere from where I had been crying. They all found it funny, not one person came to see if I was alright. And that’s how everything between Melinda and I started. Turns out Joshua was, I mean is, her boyfriend. They’ve only been an on and off couple ever since getting together. I swear they spend more time apart then they do together.

    I got up from my seat and headed out of the classroom, everyone had already cleared out and I knew it was safe for me to leave. I rushed down the hallway to my locker, wanting to go for my lunch quickly. That’s when I noticed the stares and whispers. It wasn’t exactly normal for people to people to whisper and stare at me. Sure, they weren’t keen on me and they didn’t really talk to me, but it was sure strange.

    “Why does everyone keep staring?” I asked Ruth, her locker was next to mine. I prefer to not spend much time befriending people at school, but it didn’t mean I didn’t talk to anyone at all.

    “So, well, uh it’s going around school that you get good grades because you’re sleeping with Mr Giles” Ruth looked embarrassed to even tell me.

    “What? You are joking, right? It’s not true!” I shrieked. Is this really how low Melinda has gotten? I said bye to Ruth and then ran to my usual spot in the school field. It’s where I liked to eat my lunch, not many people ventured out onto the field. I’m not sure why, especially on days when the sun was shining bright.

    I placed my bag on the grass next to me. The sun was shining, but the trees I sat under sheltered me from getting burnt. I took out my phone and logged onto Facebook. I automatically started scrolling, often stopping to like or comment on posts I thought were funny. One post caught my eye, a girl. Her blond hair was wavy, and her features made her rather cute looking. But it wasn’t the picture itself that made me stop, it was the comment. ‘I have such a beautiful girlfriend.’

    My heart sank. James had never told me he had a girlfriend before, he hadn’t even told me he was even interested in anyone. I felt jealousy race through me. It’s silly really, it isn’t like James and I are even together. I’m just his best friend. That’s it. But it still hurt that he was hiding it from me. I mean it’s a pretty big deal that he has a girlfriend.

    “You didn’t tell me you have a girlfriend” I sent James a message on Kik. I knew he would reply pretty fast as he was up getting ready for school.

    “I never mentioned it?...” His reply confused me. He knows he had never told me before. “We’ve been together a month” He then sent after.

    “I need to talk to you about something later” I messaged back. “Don’t worry or anything. It’s just about stupid rumours that are going around my school” I quickly typed back, so that he knew what I wanted to talk to him about.

    “Are you okay?” I decided to ignore the message. I knew that James would only be able to talk for a little longer, I knew that meant there wasn’t enough time to talk about how I feel.

    I rummaged through my bag, looking for my camera. I was sure that I had packed it before school. I kept looking and soon enough I found it. I was near the bottom of my oversized bag. I slung my back onto one arm and strolled through the field, making sure I didn’t interrupt the football game that was going on.

    That’s when I decided to snap a few pictures of the team in practice. They could use new pictures for the sports board. I raised the camera so I could see through the lens and started shooting away. I must have taken at least 50 photos by the time they finished playing. As the played left the pitch, I went over to the coach.

    “I don’t know if you’re interested, but I took a few photos of your team practicing. I noticed the other day that the sports board hasn’t been updated recently. I would be more than happy to shoot your guys for you” I wasn’t sure if he wasn’t going to want to even look at the photos.

    “Email me the photos and I’ll decide then” He told me. I nodded my head, and headed back into the school.  End of practice usually meant almost the start of lessons. I didn’t rush back into school, I knew I still had plenty of time.

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