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32. For Maddie with Matthew, Taylor, Aaron & Michael

Maddie's P.O.V


I'm hanging out with the folks today. And by the folks I mean; Matthew, Hailey, Taylor, Stacey, Michael, Alex and Aaron. We're home alone this weekend. At my house that is. We'll stay here all weekend alone. And of the people here, my friends, Alex is the one I'm the closest to. She's also the only one I've told about my crush on Aaron.

We're going to play truth or dare. And Alex is arranging it, and of course she made it the way that it's boy, girl. She put me between Aaron and Matthew, Hailey is between Matthew and Taylor, Stacey is between Taylor and Michael, and Alex sat between Michael and Aaron.

"So, who's gonna start?" Alex asks. No one seems to want to start or give a sign to who is going to start.

"Okay, it's me then." She says. She thinks for a second before smirking.

"Maddie, truth or dare?" Truth and she will have me say who I like, and dare she'll have me kiss the one I like, or the one to my left, which is Aaron.

"Dare." I hesitate.

"Mmkay, you have to lick Taylor's cheek." Unexpected. I leaned over the empty part in the middle of the ring, and Taylor turned his cheek to me and i stuck out my tounge and licked it.

"Nice, now you ask." Alex tell me.

"Okay.." I look at Alex and see her signalling, very obviously, towards Aaron, so I go with it.

"Aaron, truth or dare?" I can see Alex whispering something to him.

"Truth." I thought for a second, and apparently Alex thought I was taking to long, so she leaned around Aaron and told me what to say. I was skeptic at first, but I went along with it.

"Okay, so.. do you like a person in this room..?"

"I do actually, yes."

"Who?" I said panicking on the inside, what if it is someone else, what if he's gay.

"There's only one question to be answered from me this round. Now truth or dare... TAYLOR!"

"I choose.. drumroll ..DARE."

"You must kiss the cheek of the person you will ask." Taylor turned to Stacey and leaned in to kiss her cheek, only she turned and they kissed on the lips. They're a couple already.

"Truth." she says after they break the kiss due to groans from Alex and Mike.


"Kiss me." They kiss and Alex literally leans to them and parts them, with force.

"Hailey, truth or dare?" Stacey ask after giving a little glare to Alex.


"Are you and Matthew a couple?" Hailey looked at Matt.

"Will you?" Matt asked Hailey.

"YES! To both of you." She then proceeds to hug Matt.

"Truth or dare?" Hailey say looking at Matt.


"Hug me." She say opening her arms wide. He do as he's told.

"I ask Michael."


"Take Alex on your lap and make her sit there for the rest of the night."

"My pleasure." Mike say pulling Alex on his lap.

"I ask you babe." Mike says in Alex' ear.


"You're afraid to say dare, aren't you?"

"Not really, I just don't feel like it. Now ask me something."

"Okay, do you ship someone in this room, if so, who?"

"I do. It's the same people, though I have two ship names."

"Who is it then?" We all say.

"The ship names are; Madron or Aardie." Seriously Alex, why are you doing this to me.

"I agree with Alex." I look to my left and see Aaron smiling. I can feel my face turning red.

"I don't, I ship me and Alex." Mike says kissing Alex' face.

I love how this weekend turned out. Instead of one couple in the gang, we now have four. No one is single anymore.

Hey Maddie! So this took forever, but I tried making it a little believable, and somewhat cute, I don't know. I didn't get a specific person you would date, so I made it so you got Aaron, 'cause I think you two would be cute together :)


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