''White Catastrophe''

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  • Published: 12 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 12 Apr 2014
  • Status: Complete
It is a story about the end of the world.


1. excellent

-Am I breathing?

Everything seemed to me like a bad dream. But unfortunately everything was quite real. I could hear my breathing under the huge snow mass under where I was laying. I couldn't feel my feet. They were numb. I could feel the ice cold chill all over me. My body was static, only my heart was still miraculous beating. I felt like a ruin, trying to survive. Luckily, I was not dead. Still. Was that really luck? It is a total blur in my head. The last thing I remember as that all of a sudden my family and I were facing heavy, very heavy balls of snow falling from the sky. The snow was weird. It was in the middle of June and we all were surprised that it was falling out of nowhere snow. There was not warning for that. Nothing showed that it would be the end of the human beings and that somehow I will be the only one survived.

I was on a vacation with my mom and dad in Brazil. We decided to go there spontaneously because I wanted to see the rain forests and the Amazon river. I thought that it would be an amazing experience for all of us to see a new place . We didn't hesitated much and after a 10-hour long flight, we found ourselves in a city, called Lorena. The air here was humid and after few minutes I already felt hot. After leaving the baggage, my family and I went for a walk in one of the forests. The next day we sailed on the Amazon river, then went to the beach. We are having a great time in Brazil. I even made about 50 pictures of the Statue of Christ. It is so enormous, that it can be seen from Lorena.

Then on 15th of June everything went wrong. If someone told me that this day will become the apocalypse for humanity, I wouldn't believe it. . . . The snow was falling even more. The surface turned white and thick. Only seconds were enough to turn the whole landscape into crystal white. Our shoulders were hurt from the heavy snow. We couldn't endure longer. The snow was really strange. It shimmers brighter than usual and had a smell. Maybe the smell was a little toxic because after breathing it in, we all fell on the ground. Unconscious. The people around us fell on the ground, too. I didn't see my parents. I do not know where are they now. Were they alive? This was what I started thinking when I woke up. Apparently, I was unconscious for more than four hours because my watched showed 6 p.m. . . .

I was awake. I tried to dispense the snow mass away from me. I wanted to get rid of its grip. Finally, I saw the world around me. Or at least what was left from it. Vaguely, something made me move a little bit. It was my impulse to stay alive. For staying alive, I had to move, to walk, to rub my hands toward each other. The beach, the trees, the buildings were covered in snow. What I saw was only snow, Ice cold snow. Its shimmering hurts my eyes. -What was that hell, God?- I screamed inside. I tried not to thing for the worst. I didn't want to desperate myself more but everything tells me that the world I knew was gone. The people I loved were gone. That was the horrid truth. How could I bear this burden? . . .

I am walking now. I moved my feet and felt nothing but cold. I felt so lost. I touched by accident my pocket and there was it-my camera. I forgot about it. I held it in my arms. It taped everything. The video was only 3 minutes but they were enough to realize that there was hope no more. In other circumstances, this video would costs millions of dollars, but now it's useless. I feel myself useless ,too. So, I walked a few miles more and saw a bridge, covered in icicles. It was slippery. I just threw myself into the big white nothing..........

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