never expect

Ellina is a directioner who really love one direction & she has an amazing voice to know her story & what's happened with her just read ;)


1. the beginning

Ellina's pov. I wake up like every morning , I entered the toilet & took a quick shower then I had done my hair & wore my clothes & took my school bag them it's just 7 minutes left to take my breakfast I go downstairs & while I'm eating my breakfast I asked my mother every summer's question."mum can I go to camp pop this summer plz ?!" I asked eagerly "umm this year u can't I'm sorry honey"my mum said there's no time to say another word my school bus arrived I ran to my bus with a little tears in my eyes I wanna go there like all of my friends . But mum will never agree it such an awful thing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ after I had finished all of my classes , I went out of school & went home I entered the home & there's no one inside.."hey,where are u" I said in astonish Then I found a paper on the fridge written in it "we are gone to the park , ur dinner on the table , love ya"with sign (ur parents) Then I entered my room & threw my bad I noticed something on my bed , oh what is this It's some cards..omg it's camp pop's ticket Yaay ..... I found my room's door opining they are my parents saying "u can go this year" I said yaay thank u so much *hugging them* .......................................................................................... Camp pop is a summer camp about music & I love music & also I've a good voice so I like to go there
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