Miami's Arrival

I got a kitten, Miami, and here is her life from her point of view.


1. The New Kitten

     Where am I going? I thought to my self. This thing I'm in is a giant monster. Im stuck here, with no way out. I don't know what to do. All of these strange, new, scents. I smell another she-cat, and I hope she will be nice to me if I meet her.

     I'm in a new place. I smell a stale and odd scent, and it might be dog. The scent tells me she is a young female, and I don't want to meet her. The new housefolk is very nice, she strokes me head and back. She gives me a litter box, food, and water. There is another housefolk, and it is a male. I'm getting tired, so I'm going to sleep where ever looks safe enough.

     Two new housefolk come in, and they are young. Another male and female. They have strange scents and big objects. I hope they will all be nice to me. The female smells of a lot of other places and housefolk. She still strokes my head. The male almost has the same scents on him, just a little bit different. 

     I'm in this small room, and I scent more stale dog scent. I don't think she is here. There is a bigger, older she-cat staring at me with a curious and frightened gaze. What did I do to her already? 

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