SCENES - A One Direction Fanfic.

It was all an act to get them, you should learn this too. - D&E x


1. Plans // chapter 1

This fanfic can be found at Wattpad too. If you wanna read it from there, my username is 'fanficsforbabesx'. I have published six chapters there.

This is all for fanfic. Don't take this fanfic too seriously.

This fanfic will be edit soon x

Diana pov

"Diana! Can you believe they are coming here tomorrow!" Emma shout from the living room.

"We should act out a scene for them to get our attention, what do you say." I say as i walk into the living room sitting on the couch next to her.

"I'm on it, lets plan."

Emma and i are sisters. Our dad is a director. Our mum is a fashion designer. We have two brothers, Luke and Jeremy. Well they both are in College. Emma and i, we are directioners and all we do is fangirl.

And lucky us, One Direction is gonna stay at our house for three months for their break since their up all night tour ended. All thanks to dad.

"Okay, how about this. We pretend we are not big fan of them, we make sure us, James family doesn't spill a thing about us loving them."

"And god knows we gets to date one of them," Emma suggest.

"Okay for tonight, we just make them believe we don't like one direction anymore."

"I love the way we think," I say and Emma starts to screech and jump in excitement. I can't help but to jump too.


"I smell food," I say as i enter the kitchen.

"Kayla," i greet and hug her from the back. Kayla is the house maid and she has been working in this family for two years.

"Diana, I'm cooking the potato. The roasted chicken is on the counter."

I found the roasted chicken thats been placed on the counter.

"I'll call the rest," i quickly say and went up the stairs to call Emma.

I knocked on Emma's door before speaking.

"Emma, dinners ready!"

I run down the long hallway into the master bedroom and knocked.

"Mum, Dad, Dinners ready!"

I run back to the kitchen and dig into my dinner. The roasted chicken Kayla make tasted delicious.

"Roasted chicken! I smell roasted chicken!" Emma shouts running down the stairs into the kitchen.

Kayla chuckled at Emma right when mum and dad walk down the stairs.

They all sat in the table quickly and began to eat.

"This chicken tastes delicious," mum praises.

"Thank you Angelina," Kayla say.

We continued eating in silence and i was done with my dinner. Dad look up at me and the look on his face seems like he remember something.

"Girls, do you know who is coming here tomorrow ?" Dad ask and Emma screech again.

"One dir-" i cut her by kicking her foot. She looked at me confused.

"I don't like one direction anymore, i sort of like this band called The 1975," i tell dad and Emma seems to remember what had we planned.

"Oh dad, i don't like one direction anymore too, i sort of like this band the neighborhood," Emma say.

"Well i thought you guys like one direction thats why i told Paul their tour manager they are allowed to stay here."

I really love how dad puts in effort to get our favorite band to stay here. Well obviously it is easy for a director but still appreciated.

"I appreciate that dad," Emma say.

"Yeah i agree, we appreciate."

"What time do they arrive ?" I ask.

"Eight in the morning. Their flight reaches here by seven thirty and their drive to here is thirty minutes so eight," mum replied.

Mum and dad both looked surprise at my expression. It was a normal expression. They have no idea how excited i am for them to reach.

"Okay, i'm gonna take a shower and sleep for the night," i walk over to them and give them a goodnight hug. I looked at Emma and gave a sign i'll be upstairs before hugging Kayla.

Emma pov

Once Diana was out view, i quickly eat through my dinner. I almost forget that we had a plan.

"Which room are they gonna sleep at ?" I ask.

It was obvious that they are all gonna sleep at the level three guest room.

"The huge guest room," mum replied.

"Wait not the level three guest room ?"

"Nope, the guest room beside your room." Mum confirmed.


"Oh my gosh i need to use the toilet, i can't finish this. Goodnight mum dad!" I acted.

I was gonna tell Diana that they are sleeping next to my room. I'm such a bitch.

"Goodnight!" Both my parents shouts.

I quickly got up the stairs and into Diana's room without knocking.

"Hey girl hey," i say.

"Hey... Is there a new plan or what," Diana ask.

"No but i have a new update from mum."

"About what," Diana ask excitedly.

"Where they are sleeping," i say and Diana rolled her ask.

"They are obviously sleeping on the third level guest room," she say confidently.

"Nope," i smirk at her.


"Next to my bedroom guest r-"

"NO" she said it loudly an i laugh.

"Thats right bitch," I say loudly and she pushes me of the bed.

I retardedly laugh on the floor like a seal with no sound.

"Get out of my room bitch! Get out!" She shouts sarcastically.

I raise both hand in defeat and walk out the room happily.

I enter my big room and begin to settle in for the night.

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