Amber Malfoy meets Albus Potter

When Albus Potter goes for his first year at Hogwarts he meets a strange girl names Amber. Amber just happens to be the daughter of Draco Malfoy and so they want to be friends (or more) but they're parents hate eachother.


1. The Mysterious Girl

     Albus Potter boards the Hogwarts express after just saying goodbye to his parents. He's never been far from home and is a little nervous. As he walks through the train he realizes most of the compartments are full. He starts to get nervous he won't have a place to sit when the train lurches forward and he stumbles into the last compartment. There are two girls talking about the new owl one of them got. "Is it ok if I sit here?" "Sure," says the girl who got a new owl. "I'm Amber Malfoy." she says smiling. She has long, blond hair which is parted to the side. Her eyes are bright blue with flecks of gold. Albus smiles. "I'm Albus, Albus Potter." He glances at the other girl who has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. "I'm Bella Lovegood," she says. Albus sits down with the odd feeling he's heard those names before but he just can't place them. "What house do you think you'll be in?" Amber asks. "Oh well I hope I'm in Ravenclaw," Bella answers. "Well my father wants me in Slytherin but I think Ravenclaw would be nice." Amber says. Albus looks out the window. A few minutes ago he'd have said Gryffindor but now he just wants to be in the same house as Amber. "Ravenclaw," he says.

     When they arrive at Hogwarts they are ushered to the castle in boats. The boats hold 4 people so he, Amber, Bella, and a boy named Evan Longbottom ,who seemed quite clumsy, rode together. As they approached the castle Albus couldn't help "oohing" and "ahhing" with  the other first years. As he walks into the Great Hall he can't help but worry about which house he'll be in. Each of the first years are called up alphabetically by last name. Bella gets Ravenclaw like she hoped. Then Amber gets Ravenclaw and now he's up. Albus walks to the stage slowly. The sorting hat is lowered onto his head and suddenly it says "Ravenclaw," he quickly scurries to get a seat next to Amber. She smiles at him and he finds himself lost in her bright blue eyes. It's like he's swiming although he can breathe. He turns his head just as McGonagall magically fills up the plates. Albus eats until he can barely move and has an amazing dream about Amber.





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