Hold Tight

Meet Sunshine Rose, aka sunny. You think with a name like that her life would be some Fairy Tale garden. No it's not. Her mother is drunk and has never show her love at all and her mom boyfriend is raping her also. She thinks be stuck the ghetto forever. Till she ends up being Justin Bieber maid and sex slave after her mom sells her for drug money. Will she get out or will she just take the lemonade she got and drink it.


6. You can call me ryan

I watch as my mom pulled away in the night.  "We need to get going sweetie" I pulled away from him. "Don't back away from me okay?!” I got scared and looked at my shoes.  "I'm sorry -" He put his finger to lips and open the car door.  "GET in" he said it a hurtful way so I did as I was told. Where am I going? Is this guy going to hurt me? “Don’t worry Justin the nice one, I'm the one you want to worry about,  I be nice to you but to me you’re a slut and I hope I don't got to kill you like the last one." I was feeling sick now. What has my mom gotten me into Oh God? "What should I call you?”  He smile and said slowly "you slut, you call me Ryan, don't talk anymore okay? I run you down the rules when get close to the airport okay? “I just look at him and give him okay look. Well I guess my freedom is gone now.

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