Forever Yours (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Simon had a niece called Madelyn. Maddie for short. She had to live with her uncle Simon for the summer. She soon has to go to his meetings,and meet newborn stars!!!But when she meets One Direction she instantly loved them! She falls head over heels for Harry Styles,the cute,cheeky,and flirty one.
But does he like her back?
Does she want to go home?
Is a member of One Direction falling in love with her?
Find out more by reading this book!
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3. Newborn Pops


When I woke up I put on my bunny slippers and my green fluffy robe on. Today is the day I would meet the snotty 5 members of One Direction. I did some research online and they're really popular now in the US. I listened to the song What Makes You Beautiful and it was actually pretty good... also, One of them caught my attention. -^-^-

But that is just so people can start to automatically like them. They add one hunk into the band and they start to sky rocket to record labels,award ceremonies,premieres,etc.

I went to the bathroom and looked at myself for a long time. Messy bun,smeared make-up,and I could've been princess,no QUEEN of the dorks. I took a long shower and when I got out I walked over to my closet. While I was preparing back at home for my trip, I guess my Uncle took a little shopping spree to the mall or shop whatever they call it and he knew my size.... I guess he had a lucky guess. Anyway, I put on a Sailor Detailed Dress with a Tyson Belt and Black leather boots.

I went outside and waited for Stefan. I saw the car stop infront of me.

"Wow. Someone looks tired."

"I am tired.I would KILL for a coffee right now."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go and I'll take you to Starbucks." Stefan said as He and I got into the car.

"Really? You're such a life saver!!!" I said hugging him.

"No problem." He said hugging me back tightly like he didn't want to let me go.

"Ummm, Stefan.You can let go now."

"Oh! Sorry about that."

On the way to Starbucks, a Beyonce song came on the radio. It was really akward because it was Love On Top.My favourite song....

When we got to Starbucks, it was really wierd because I got out and he got out too.We both went in together and bought 2 mint chocolate frappes.

We sat down and he looked really depressed.

"What's wrong?"

"Do you really want me to tell you?"

"Definetely!Your my friend."

"Okay....I got a new job, an insurance agent in New York.And I have to leave.After I take you to Mr.Cowell..."

"What!!! Whats wrong with this job?You get to meet different people and-"

"My mother and father disapproves of this job, he told me to move to New York at an apartment near their house so I could visit them.."

"Im gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

He looked at me.I looked at him.We stared at each other for a long time.He leaned over towards me and he kissed me on the lips.I kissed him back.This was my actual first kiss.It felt like a fairytale.I actually felt butterflies in my stomach for a second.

After that kiss we just left and he dropped me off.After I got out he just drove away.Never to be seen again...

I entered the building and many camaras were flashing. I entered Uncle Simon's Office.

"Wow!There's alot of cameras out there.Did the famous One Direction come yet?"

Before I could shut my mouth they were all there.And the cute one was there too,...

"I wouldn't call ourselves famous." said the cute one.

He had curly hair,green eyes,and amazing smile which revealed his left dimple without a doubt.

"Hello.I'm Harry."he said.

He took out a hand to shake mine.At first I hesitated since it looked like such a strong grip but instead I found his hands stong,but gentle.We held on to each others hand for wait seemed like forever.We waited for who would let go first.

Me or Him.

Until Uncle Simon broke us apart.He can be a buzz kill sometimes you know.....

"Okay you had enough time for greeting.I think Madelyn wants to meet ALL of the members of the group Harry."said Uncle Simon.

For some reason that made me blush like freakin' crazy!!! Harry just looked down embarrassed. 

A blond guy came and shook my hand.

"Hello! I'm Niall." he said.

"Hi.I'm Madelyn."

"Hi.My names Zayn."

"I'm Madelyn."




I laughed.

"HI!!!! I'M MADELYN!!!"

Louis turned around to where Harry was standing.

"She's a keeper Harry."

Everyone started laughing.Even me.Then I started blushing along with Harry.

"Well,I need to go to work Uncle Simon.Bye."

"Bye.I'll talk to you when you get out of work Madelyn."

"Okay Bye Guys."

"Bye!!!" they all said.

Harry looked like he wanted to tell me something important.

After work , I got my bookbag ready and I was outside waiting for my new driver to come,I heard feet coming over to me.A clicking sound.


I turned around.

It was Harry.

"Hey.What are you doing?"

"Oh the meeting was over.So I thought I might catch up to you."

"Oh.That's really sweet of you."

"Haha.Thanks." Harry said blushing.

"I'm going to go get something to eat, you want to come?"

"Uhhh,Sure." he said smiling.

Just then,the new driver came driving up to us.

It wasn't Stefan,...

We got in and we didn't talk.Me and the driver.Harry and I talked the whole way to my apartment. I felt like my butterflies were having a huge party in my stomach.I also felt numb and I couldn't think straight.

Was I falling for Styles?


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