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Okay so....I wrote this and thought that it might help...I made this up and this is what happened n so I felt this could help and if you ever and I mean EVER u could message me on here or look for me on twitter...it's;@niall_Infected.....I have a Facebook too it's; Andrea Horan...I have a kik it's;cali was here ...if you need to talk to me ..TALK TO ME ...about anything that you need help on Kay?cause I love you


1. Love and Care was all I needed

I lay there as if I were dead...


Nobody Cared

I was useless

I wasn't worth it

Nobody liked me

I was fat

I was ugly

All these thoughts going through my mind like a bullet rica shading off of a bullet proof wall.....

I felt like dying....I sat and waited to be loved and cared for..but it never happened.....I wanted to paint a picture on my canvas I got my paintbrush and painted it on the canvas that I call my arm....blood oozed out of my arm I sat there and painted four more pictures on my canvases.....the inside of my body was taking over me thinking it was right and telling me I had to do it to be pain free....

But on the outside my mouth was saying to stop,that it's not helping, and that I can get over this...I cried there helplessly

But then someone came rushing over me saying they loved me and that they cared me...and so that's all it took for me to stop...somebody loved me for me

Somebody cared for me....I was now clean...

I was now happy :)

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