My Summer Star

A story about a foreign exchange student and an idol star
that went on a getaway vacation together.

Hazel Song is an idol whose part of a famous group in the Entertainment industry. He felt suffocated from his life as an idol star and wanted to have a vacation for a while. Sensing that the company wouldn’t let him have his request he planned on getting away with it secretly. But he didn’t know where to start until he stumbled on Milkhy.

Milkhy Zyaño, a transferee student who is still struggling with her new surroundings. She transferred to Japan for her studies since her Japanese was the one who was funding her studies. Whenever she misses her home she goes to the top of the tower and cries her eyes out.

That day they happen to be the only ones in the tower and became close because of Milkhy’s tears. They both agreed on getting on a getaway trip where they will happen to ride the roller coaster course of life and experience things they haven’t thought of.


1. Prologue

“Who Are You?”


“You know, you’re really something.”




A young man said as he was watching his best friend who was busy with baking a cake.


“We we’re worried sick about how you were doing here in Japan but seeing you now…”


He looked around the room; it was a really large kitchen. Everything that you can find in a kitchen was there, and is equipped with the latest technology that Japan has to offer.


Many of the staffs were busy going in and out of the door; some to give out the order while some was for the delivery.


“Hmm? What about now, Syd?”


She asked; indulge with designing the cake.


“Ugh, never mind.”


Raising her shoulders she just let him be and manages to finish the cake throughout his whining.


“Excuse me!”




All of the staffs answered in unison, making Syd jump in surprise. Holding to his heart he said…


“Hey! Don’t scare me like that!”


“We’re very sorry Sir Syd!”


It was said in chorus again making him take a step back, almost bumping into her while making some finishing touches on the cake.


“Oh ma-ma-ma-my… Sorry about that Milk.”


“It’s alright. Nothing bad happened right?”


She said as she handed it over to the staff to deliver.


“It’s for our regular costumer in Tokyo Central. You know where it is right?”


“Yes, Ai-kun. I’ll leave right now.”


“Okay… be careful on your way.”


Bowing before he left, they all wished him a safe trip making Syd surprised again while Milkhy was laughing at him for his jumpiness.


As she was cleaning her work place she accidentally stepped on the wet floor which sent her butt on the floor.






Laughing out loud, she manages to stand up.


“I’m fine. But why is it that I feel so tall?”


They stared at her with disbelief making her jump in joy.


“Yes! I grew! I’m taller now! All those litres of milk must have worked!”


As she was expressing her joy, she found it odd that they weren’t rejoicing with her.


“Why? Aren’t you happy for me?”


“It’s not that actually but…”




Milkhy asked looking at them strangely. All the staffs had their faces into a funny state while looking down at her feet even Syd’s lips where pointing there.




Hearing this voice that seemed to be in pain, her small eyes that always looked like she was sleeping managed to open – at least a little – and looked down.


“Oh mo..”


She gasped quickly moving away from the person she can consider as her father.


“I’m so sorry Mr. Lee, are you okay?”


Milkhy asked, concern filling her words and even helped him stand up.


“It’s alright Ai-sama.”


Mr. Lee said, while he was dusting off his coat.


“Yah, Mr. Lee!”


She shouted with both her hands on her hips.


“How can you say it’s alright?”


“Uh.. A-a-ai-sama?”


Her staff was snickering at her spunkiness and her courage to scold the Lawyer and a very good friend of the President of the company they were partners with.


“You told me to treat you as my father while I’m here in Japan right?”


“Yes Ai-sama.”


“Then how come you can lie to your daughter about not being hurt huh?”




“And what’s with that ‘-sama’… ‘Ai-sama’… huh?”


“Oh that…”


The door suddenly opened and entered the Asst. Chief who was in charge of taking care of anything that was outside of the kitchen bounderies.


“What’s happening here Nee-chan?”


He asked looking at everyone who was all crowded at one side of the kitchen and that the trays that were supposed to be out there minutes ago, was still sitting there on the counter.


“How come no one is going out to serve the costumers?”


Raising an eyebrow she looked at the Asst. Chief, smiled and said…


“Just a little accident.”




Milkhy just scratched her head and ordered everyone to go back to what they were doing. Looking at Mr. Lee and Syd, she squinted her eyes at them and opened a door saying…


“Let’s talk in my office.”


She smiled at the two yet her smile was like she was plotting something evil, making the two men hesitate…


“Uh… sure.”


Holding out the door for them, she looked past them to her staff and said…


“You guys will be fine without me supervising right?”


“Hai! Ai-kun!”


“Hey Shou!”


“Yes Nee-chan?”


“Go back to your station.’


“Yes Ma’am.”


Shou gave her a salute before disappearing through the doors and to the busy tables that were waiting for him.


“I’ll be back.”


She told her staffs, before winking her eye, skipping as she went inside the office.



“I just received the notice that your best friend was already here in Japan.”


Said Mr. Lee, as Milkhy was looking down her window, looking at the long line of people who wanted to eat the food made by her restaurant.


“Oh? He’s right there beside you.”


She gestured her hand towards Syd who was busy eating some of the pastries that she baked earlier.


“Really? I thought he was here for the hiring.”


Syd looked at him smiling like a little kid, his mouth was still filled with cakes and chocolates while his eyes were nowhere to be seen.


“Oishi!~ I missed your baking Milk!”


“Uh.. You have crumbs on your face.”


Mr. Lee laughed at his antiques seeing that it was very similar to how Milkhy eats as well.


“How’s Granny?”


“Madam’s fine. She seems to be satisfied with the work of the employees she left in charge with the company.”


Milkhy just nodded and sat on her chair. She heaved out along sigh as she laid her heads on her table.


“Are you alright?”




“You’re not sick are you?”




Milkhy didn’t answer and just closed her eyes as if she was going to sleep.


“You haven’t been getting enough sleep these past few weeks and you hardly have the time on eating.”


Syd stopped his busy eating and looked at Mr. Lee then to Milkhy.


“She seems fine to me.”


He said then continued on eating.


“It may look like that because she’s always so cheerful that you won’t notice but she lost some weight.”


“How’d you know that?”


Mr. Lee coughed in embarrassment and looked at his feet.


“It was when she fell on me earlier.”


Syd let out a small laugh and chocked on his food. Luckily someone came in with a cup of tea and he barely drank them all, seeing that his shirt got drenched.




“You okay?”


Syd just nodded in embarrassment and kept quiet still eating the food. Mr. Lee’s phone rang, the screen saying that it was a call from the president.


“I have to take this.”


“Oh… Okay.”


He went out on the veranda and took the call there, and Syd was still busy with eating.


They didn’t even notice that Milkhy was already asleep and was about to fall off her chair until Shou came in with another guy in tow saying that her classmates were there.


Shou manages to catch her on time, as he laid her on the sofa and accidentally brushed her forehead…


“What’s this?”


Pressing his palms on her forehead he felt how hot it was and was almost like you can fry eggs on it.




The guy who he came in with quickly checked her pulse. Mr. Lee stepped back inside and saw the worried look on Shou’s face.


“What’s wrong?”


Just as he said that, the guy stood up and carried Milkhy saying that they have to take to the hospital. Carrying her in his arms he went straight outside without any explanations and took her in his car.


“I’ll go follow them.”


“Me too!”


“No Shou, stay here. Look after the place okay?”


He was about to protest when Syd butted in saying…


“Just stay.”




“I’ll go with Mr. Lee too, ok?”


Shou looked at him disapprovingly and asked who he was making Syd scoff.


“You don’t know who I’ am?”


Vigorously, Shou shook his head asking who he was again and what was he doing inside his sisters’ office.


“This is really disappointing.”


Syd looked at him with his eyes squinted saying…


“You are such a bad kid. I’m her best friend in the whole wide world!”


Shou looked at him in shock and looked at the picture frame that was sitting at her sisters’ table.


“But you don’t look anything like the one in the picture.”


Showing him the picture Syd’s eyes went big just like how a squirrel’s eyes get when it sees an acorn.


“She still keeps this?”


He asked smiling at the memories that the picture held.


“Oh… She always looks at it whenever she’s depressed.”


“How does she react when she looks at it.”


“She laughs like a fool nonstop almost making her cry that we sometimes think she’s out of it.”


Syd laughs at Shou’s declaration and sighed as he looked at the picture in his arms again.


“So you still needed strength huh? Well I guess, I’ am your pillar of support and your only family back home.”


“Is the one in the picture really you?”


“Hey kid. What are you implying by saying that, huh?”


“Argh... forget it. I’m gonna go too.”


Pulling his collar Syd pulled him back saying…


“If you don’t stay here and look after the place, who would huh?”


“The staffs can-”


“What about them? From what I know this is only the second day since the opening of this branch and you plan on leaving them alone?”


“But some of the seniors are here too.”


“Ah! Ah! Ah! Don’t even think about it.”




“What? Now you remember me.”


“It’s not like that. I just didn’t really recognise you.’


“Whatever. You my man are staying here. We’re leaving. Let’s go Mr. Lee.”


Syd’s tone didn’t leave him any more room to argue and he just agreed to what he said but not before making him promise to protect her from any harm.


“Hey punk. Do I look like some kind of joke to you?”


Shou shook his head furiously and said sorry in a weak tone. Even though he was taller than Syd he knew that he should respect the elders or he’ll get scolded by Milkhy when she hears about it.


“She’s my bestfriend and my only family besides my parents.”




“Why wouldn’t I take good care of her, huh?”



Arriving at the hospital, she was quickly admitted in and was diagnosed for being anaemic. The doctors said that it might be because of the stress and her lack of sleep that made her this way.


“But we will never know. We have to run some tests to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your daughter’s health.”


“Thank you doctor.”


The doctor took his leave saying that he has to attend to another patient next door. Mr. Lee went inside to find Milkhy unconscious with an IV stuck on her.


Syd was there too, holding her hand saying funny things to make the atmosphere light. The guy who took her to the hospital was also there, sitting on the other side of the bed only looking at Milkhy.


Clearing his throat he made his presence known. Syd took it by surprise and made him spring from the chair almost crushing her in her sleep.


“Hey Mr. Lee, don’t surprise me like that huh…”


“Not my intention.”


Syd just grunted and settled back in his seat. The guy just smiled and fixed Milkhys’ blanket.


“Oh right.”


Seeing him doing that, Syd suddenly remembered that this guy came in with Shou…


“Thank you so much for taking her to the hospital.”


The mystery guy was surprised since he was just staring at Milkhy and hadn’t thought about them speaking to him.


“Oh? Uh… Yeah. It was nothing.”


“I’ll treat you lunch as thanks.”


“Ah… It’s alright.”




Syd got interrupted when the nurses came over to take Milkhy for her health examination. Mr. Lee went with the nurses and told the two of them to not cause any trouble.


Huffing in his seat, Syd crossed his arms and pouted like a little kid that got its candy stolen.


“Why… why… why… I already told her to take care of her health.”


Pulling out his phone he called the shop, Shou immediately answering the line.


“Mosh mosh. Love Lace Line here. What may we help you with?”


“Oi Shou.”


“Oh! Syd-nii. Nee-chan?”


“She’s fine. Just stressed out.”


“Hmm.. is she there?”


“Uh.. not in the moment she went to take some tests just to make sure.”




Startled by his shout Syd dropped his phone and landed on his lap. Picking up the phone he heard Shou happily announcing that Milkhy was fine and that they don’t have to worry anymore.


“Oi Shou!”




“Don’t startle me like that!”


He shouted through the phone. On the other side of the line Shou shrunk in his seat apologizing about his behaviour.




“Yes Ni-chan?”


“What has Milkhy been up to besides running and managing the restaurant?”


“Uh… besides the restaurant?”


“Uhm. At school and such...”


“Hmm.. she’s busy at school since she’s studying three degrees in one year.”




“Heh Ni-chan. That was also my reaction when I first heard of it too.”


“Three Degrees?!”


“On top of that she’s a University Scholar.”




“But I heard she resigned from the position.”


“Position? What position?”


“She was part of the student council.”






“Why was she resigning?”


“Something about leadership stuffs. I don’t know.”






“Nothing… what was her position?”






Syd was very shocked from the news. Milkhy didn’t even accept that position when she graduated from their school before..


“Oh. Costumers are coming in. I have to go now Ni-chan.”


“Ah wait a minute.”


“Thank you. Take care of Nee-chan neh?”




“See you later!”




Looking at the his phone he can’t believe at how similar it was whenever Milkhy was busy with something, Syd paced around the room mumbling to himself about his talk with Shou on the phone.


“Is it really impossible?”




Syd jumped in surprise and looked at where the voice came from, it was the mysterious guy who still hasn’t left the room.


“What’s impossible?”


“Uh… I don’t get what you’re saying.”


“About Milkhy handling everything at once.”


“Oh that.”


“As her best friend don’t you have confidence in her.”


“Of course I do.”


He replied with his eyes looking at him innocently. Syd couldn’t follow where the guy was going at.


“Then why do you keep saying that it’s impossible?”


“Ah… what I meant was the President thing.”


“What about being the President?”


“She hates being a leader.”


 The guy’s eyes went wide as saucers and his mouth slightly opened from shock.


“Milkhy likes it when she can be depended on but she doesn’t like the responsibility of being a leader.”


“But she’s been doing a very good work.”


“Really? That’s strange.”




“She classifies herself as an active and supportive member but not a good leader.”




Sitting back in his seat Syd opened the package that the restaurant delivered earlier and found cakes and pastries inside with their dinner inside too.




Getting everything out he arranged them on the table and put aside the food that was for Milkhy and Mr. Lee.


“While were waiting for them to finish why won’t we eat first?”


Syd asked offering him the other bowl of rice.


“Thanks for the food.”


Sitting opposite from Syd, he silently ate while thinking to himself. Meanwhile Syd was busy pigging himself with the food and then suddenly remembered something.


Looking at the guy who has been with them since they arrived at the hospital he asked…


“Who are you?”


Choking on his food, he was surprised by Syd’s question. Syd was kind enough to pour a glass of water for him and continued…


“We were so worried for Milkhy that we didn’t seem to have the chance to ask who you are.”


Putting down the bowl of rice, he straightened in his seat and cleared his throat before saying…




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