My English Teacher (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Brianna Miller, 17 years of year, returns to Bradford High School in the fall as a senior and is totally excited about her last year of high school. She plans to make this year amazing without any drama. A clean slate, but what happens when a new, hot, fresh out of college english teacher starts working at her school? Will she fall for him? Will he risk losing his job to be with her? What will happen between these two? Find out here!


1. Brianna Marie Miller

Ello lovelies! 

My name is Brianna Marie Miller, but most call me Bria. My date of birth is July 11th. I'm 17 years of age and I am an incoming senior at Bradford High School. I'm not that popular but well liked. I'm a social butterfly in a way because I know just about everyone. I'm super into sports and music. It's my life. My favorite color is well, all colors. I just love bright colors and zebra print. Let' just get one thing straight though, I am a toyboy not a girly girl. I can dress like a girly girl if I want but I chose not to. I'm a total sweetheart until you piss me off. I have 5 siblings. 4 sisters and a brother; Mary (26), Diana(21), Kursten(23), Leah(22), and David(27). They are all moved out so it's just mum and I. My dad and her divorced when I was 9 because they constantly faught and never agreed with one other on a single thing. When they got divorced, it hit me pretty hard. I was always daddy's little girl and now he is remarried to Heather, my evil stepmum and has 2 more children, Zack(9), and Taylor(14). It kind of feels like he fell off of the face of the earth because he is never around anymore. My best friend is Chelsea and my boyfriend's name is Jake. Welp, that' about it....



With Love,








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