The Land of Disney

When Walt Disney's book sucks up Isabella, Nolan, Brittney, and Alec, they end up in the Land of Disney, the place where all of your dreams come true.... not. It's chaos there and they need to find the book to return home. On the way, they meet new friends and enemies. Will they ever find the book or will they stay in the Land of
Disney forever?


1. Prologue

"Patty, I want to give this to you." Walt Disney said to Patty.

"The book? Why me?" Patty asked.

"I give this to you because I trust you. You are the only trustworthy friend I've ever had." he said as he handed her the book. "Why me?" Patty asks again.

"I trust you. The overtakers are looking for this. They want control! Don't show-" Someone barges into the window. Patty quickly hides under the table.

"Where's the book Walt?" demands a tall skinny lady with black and white hair.

"Never!" Walt cries. She pulls out a gun and she presses the trigger. He falls to the ground dead. Then she looks around the house. After that she disappears. Patty runs out of her hiding spot and she runs into the basement. There she hid the book. She never saw the book again until one day..........



That's it guys!  (For now!) Hoped you guys like it! I'm just new to this so if there is anything I need to improve just tell me. Thanks for reading!!!

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