Love at First Sight (Harry Styles Fanfiction

Serenity and Jackie are two girls from Chicago, Illinois. They've saved up almost their whole life to move to London. When they finally get there, they meet 5 boys that will change their lives forever. This is their love stories... Read to find out(;


4. Chapter 4

Serenity's POV

It's 9:30am and I'm up before Jackie. Jackie's always the one screaming for me to wake up, but I guess I'm really excited about going to the boys' house today.

Right as I'm thinking about it, I get a text from Harry.

From Harry(;:

"Hey love, do you mind coming over at 12? btw were apartment 522"

To Harry(;:

" No problem(: we're apartment 523!"

From Harry(;:

"It's a small world isn't it, love?"

To Harry(;:

"I guess so. I'll see you in a little bit. bye hazzabear(;"

From Harry(;:

"Oh, so we have nicknames now? bye love! xx"

I smiled putting my phone down. I should probably go wake Jackie up.

From my extinct I can tell we have a long day ahead of us.

Jackie's POV

I woke up to Serenity jumping on top of me yelling "WAKE UP!!!"

"Get the fuck off me," I mumbled.

"Get your ass up and I will," she replied with a smirk.

I thought to myself, typical Serenity.

She really won't move until I get up. She's always like this, but I'm used to it by now. I mean, we have known each other for like 12 years now.

I gave in and got up.

"Ok, ok. I'm up! What's so fucking important that you had to wake me up at 9:45 in the morning?!"

"I guess you don't wanna go see Niall today... I'll just leave then."

Shit, I totally forgot about us going to the boys' house today.

She got up and started to walk away slower than ever, on purpose.

"By the way, I'm making breakfast. It's our favorite," she replied before actually walking away.

She's making chocolate chip pancakes. I think I should really get up. Plus, I get to see Niall today!

"Fine, I'm getting up fully now!" I screamed from my room.

I can already sense her smirking to herself.

Serenity's POV

"Fine, I'm getting up fully now!" Jackie yelled from her room.

I smirked.

I knew I'd get my way.

I walked downstairs to the small, but fair-sized kitchen, just enough for two teenage girls that don't really cook that often anyways.

I got out all the ingredients needed to make the chocolate chip pancakes. I made the four pancakes in about ten minutes.

Perfect timing because Jackie finally walked her lazy ass downstairs.

Jackie's POV

I smelled the pancakes and immediately shot up from my bed.

Serenity and I could legit eat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast everyday if we could.

She handed me my pancakes and I dug in right away, just as Serenity did.

We finished our breakfast and decided to start getting ready.

We didn't have to worry about sharing a bathroom because we both had our own connected to each of our rooms.

Serenity and I both had the same thing in mind, to go take showers, so off we went to our bathrooms.

I'm literally so excited about seeing Niall today!

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