Love at First Sight (Harry Styles Fanfiction

Serenity and Jackie are two girls from Chicago, Illinois. They've saved up almost their whole life to move to London. When they finally get there, they meet 5 boys that will change their lives forever. This is their love stories... Read to find out(;


3. Chapter 3

Jackie's POV

"Harry is sooo crushing on you!" I told Serenity.

She just laughed and took off her apron. It was two minutes before closing time, so we were just grabbing our stuff and locking up.

All I could think about the whole time walking home was Niall. He was just pure perfection in my eyes.

We exchanged numbers and he said he'd be texting me later.

I just can't believe this is real life.

Serenity's POV

We got home and it was about 9:00pm. I was tired and needed a shower. I hopped in the shower and did what I had to do, then got out.

I changed into my Mickey Mouse pj pants and a white cami. I was way too exhausted to do anything, so I just went and lay down in my bed. I was just scrolling through Instagram when I got a text that read,

"Hey, it's Harry:)"


"I like my contact name for you;)"

I put my name as "Serenity(;"

"Your welcome."

"Haha, well me and the lads are hanging out at our apartment tomorrow and I was wondering if you and Jackie would like to come?"

"Of course, what apartment building do you live at?"

"London Apartments 101"

"ME TOO! We're in the same building right now! haha"

"That means I'm closer to you;)"

"Haha well I'm going to bed, night Harry:)"

"Goodnight, love;) xx"

"(; xx"

I think I'm falling for Harry Styles...

Harry's POV

Serenity is all I've been thinking about since the first time I've laid eyes on her. I think im falling for her...

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