5SOS ; She looks so perfect ♥ (;

She was an average girl who left home in hopes of achieving her dream. Her friends resented the fact that she was moving far away. She suffered. She loves her friends and but she needed to get out of the town in order to fulfill her dreams. One day, her life changed and she just kept finding her way back to this one boy who managed to conquer her heart while having her live out her dream . They were living out their dreams together. Her wildest dreams became a reality and she could only thank 4 amazing guys.

* First time I write a fan fiction please take the time and read♥ don't criticize. Can I get positive feedback though .... xx Thanks ♥


1. Her new life.....

         On her ride to the University of California Berkeley, Jessica listened to her favorite band, 5 seconds of summer (5SOS), a band whom was introduced to her by one of her best friends, Isabel. Her two best friends and family were the only ones whom she said goodbye to.  She reached her destination and was amazed that her struggles were worthwhile.  She began to misshome and wonder what eeveryone was up to. 
                             * Jessica's POV*
         I arrived to campus and was startled by its beauty but I missed everyone back home . I looked around and almost everyone had some love one helping them and I was here all alone. I thought of all my friends when i felt someone tap my shoulder. " Hello! I'm Derek,  you must be new herev. Well welcome  ! Do you need help?" Before I could answer this stranger grabbed my suitcase and began his tour of the school. That was 3 years ago when no one knew who I was and that guy became my best friend. He helped me through everything and motivated me to do what I love and thanks to him i found myself with this one guy who i feel madly in love with. Derek was the person I trusted with everything . So, I was studying law and majoring in couple other subjects . I had 2 jobs ; a position in a smoothie cart on campus and a part-time model.  I didn't need the job at the cart because it reminded me of who I was before. I was involved in many activities and volunteered at several places. I enjoyed helping others and was deeply involved unlike high school. I know had gained confidence and was fearless...
       My modeling agency had a photoshoot today at San Francisco bay . We arrived in a group with Derek, our close friends (who were also models) and me.Once we changed we began to set up and change. About 10 minutes later,  this man began to talk to my boss, Charlotte. From afar I saw several people and equipment trying to figure out where to place themselves.  Behind the man there was four guys who were relatively my age and looked very familiar to me.

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