A Logan Lerman Fanfic

(Created on 4/9/14)


1. The Night Before

     Great, another boring year of school. It was the night before the first day of junior year, and I couldn't sleep at all. I guess I was still scarred from last year... I was a complete loner. I only had a few friends. No boy would ever even look at me. Am I ugly? I guess I am. Last year was the year where I started to become very insecure about myself. I just year hate to look at myself in the mirror. Thoughts rush all around me. 'I'm so fat!' 'I'm so ugly!' Eww! My hair!' 'Who the hell will marry me?' It hurts so much because it's all true.

     I didn't really talk to any of my friends this summer. I actually didn't talk to anybody except my family. the only friend I did talk to was my best friend Vanessa. She doesn't go to the same high school, and if she did, I would feel so much better. 

     I kept on thinking about what would happen tomorrow. All of these scenarios rushed around my head. As I was thinking, I slowly drifted off into the most horrible sleep of my life.

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