My Top Secret Diary by: Sadie Ky.

17 year old girl lives a normal life or so she thinks. What she does not know is that she is related to a family of top secret international spy's. She must leave Wisconsin (where she lives with her mother and older sister, Haley) to move to the royal country that she lives in. As for her, her name is Sadie.


1. Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Sadie Ky. I live in Wisconsin, I am 17 and I am a nerd, I guess you would call it being a nerd if you love writing fan fiction, love stories, adventure books and staying in your room all day and being a lazy but! That's my life, mostly, I mean I do have class as well. I may only be seventeen but I graduated last spring right after my birth day. See I skipped 1 grade I took summer school all through high school spent all my time in the library and did not talk to any body EVER. If your not my friend or my sister Haley I won't talk to you. 

My sister Haley is 3 years older than I am which means that she is 20 and she graduated 2 years ago. (your suppost to graduate at the age of 18) She goes to this college and lives at home. She goes to River Lust college. I now go there as well although I am trying to get into Harvard but it is quite hard so I am going to River Lust in the mean time. 

Last week Haley was lecturing me on boys and it was super boring. She just kept commenting on how my boyfriend and I rarely ever text. ''Sadie'' she would wine ''When are you and Peter going to start texting, I mean all you guys ever do is call or go over to see each other!'' when I get angry I start rambling on about how we do see each other quite a lot and we call each other a lot.

Peter is tall and muscular very manly, he is about twice the size of me. Haley's boyfriend is like Peter tall not very strong tho he is tanned -like Peter- and he has brown hair like Haley's. Peter has dirty blond hair unlike mine which is so pale and blond it looks like gold in the sunlight. he has a spray of freckles across his face and plays on the college football team.

I'm  sorry I will come back tomorrow and I will keep explaining but I must go to school.

Good Bye Dear Diary.

 Sadie Ky.

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