Super Rich Kids

Bella just moved to Beverly Hills with her parents. She isn't used to how fancy and rich her family is now. When her parents are too busy and don't have enough time for her anymore, she begins to get in some trouble.


1. The Move

Beverly Hills. I never thought I would get to see it in person, let alone live there. Our new house is way deep into one of the neighborhoods.

Most of the people who live her are old or famous. I'm pretty sure I'm the only teenage girl that lives here who isn't famous. My family just recently got rich when my dad got a ginormous promotion and raise. He's already been living here for a couple of months, but me and my mom are just now joining him. Dad already bought new fancy furniture and met all the neighbors. He said they're way fancier than us, and they intimidate him. He also mentioned something about a boy my age a few houses down. I was hoping for a girl to have sleepovers with, but I guess a boy is okay too.

We finally pull up to the house and it's completely huge. It's one of the smaller ones in the neighborhood, but still huge. The garden out front is the biggest one I've ever seen in my entire life. The front door is super tall and wide and has a fancy design carved in the front. I walk inside and can't even begin to explain the interior. The rug designs are so complex and expensive looking. There's pictures on the walls of probably expensive paintings. A big crystal chandelier hangs over the dining room table.

My room is perfect. It has carpet, and a mini chandelier in the middle of the room. My closet is gigantic and my bed is king sized. I'm beginning to like this.

"Where will I go to school?" I ask my dad.

"Ridgebrook High School. I hear it's prestigious." he replies.

"Oh great." I say. What am I supposed to wear to a "prestigious" school? "When do I start."

"Tomorrow. You got a big day ahead of you."

The Next Day

"Okay class, settle down." Mrs. Harwell says. None of the students settle down. "I said be quiet." No one gets quiet. "Shut up!" she yells. Everyone is silent. "Thank you. We have a new student today. Her name is Bella." I smile at them as they stare me down. "You can sit next to Kathleen." She points to an open spot next to a really pretty girl dressed in designer clothes.

"Hey." I say to Kathleen. She squints at me like I've done something wrong. "Nice to meet you." I roll my eyes.

"Now class, who can tell me blah blah blah." the teacher starts talking but I'm not paying attention at all. I'm too busy focusing on the cute boy in front of me. I tap on his shoulder.

"Can I borrow a pencil?" I ask.

"Don't have one." He turns back around.

"That was just an excuse to talk to you." I smirk.

"Not interested." He says back.

"Tough crowd." I murmur under my breath.

The rest of my day was completely horrible. I slipped in the cafeteria, I got in trouble for my shorts being too short, and not even the nerds would let me sit at their lunch table. Finally, I get to go home and maybe take a nap.

"Hey kiddo, how was school?" Dad asks.

"It was okay." I lied.

"Did you make any new friends?"


"That's a shame. Hey, you wanna go find an ice cream shop?" that was our thing, ice cream. Whenever we had something on our minds, we would go get ice cream and talk.


We ended up finding a place called Randy's cream. Not the most appealing name, but it'll do. My dad starts talking to me about his new job, and the new paycheck and blah blah blah. But I can't stop thinking about that boy in first period. There's just something about him that I can't ignore. He has perfect blue eyes, brown hair that spikes in the front, he has his ears pierced, and best of all, he's like 6"4'. And I don't even know his name.

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