The Girl Who Went Dim

16 year old Lexi Hutson is queen bee, popular, most beautiful girl in school, and a daddy who spoils her rotten. Lexi makes one mistake at a highshool party that changes her life forever..... Read to find out more :)


1. Down Hill...

I strut down the hall with my three bestfriends behind me. I shoot glares at people who dare to give me dirty looks. I spot a girl who I mess with all the time. I walk up to her and slap her books out of her hands. They fall all over the floorand she quickly bends down to pick them up. "What's up worthless?" I spat. I grin as I watch her struggle with her words, she's a worthless peice of trash. She gathers all of her books and stands up. She goes to walk away, but I grab her wrists and pin her against the lockers, causing her to drop her books again.

"Where do you think you going!?" I snap. I hate it when they try to walk away, they don't even try. She shakes her head frantically as she tries to speak. "N-No where." she sputters. I grin at her nervousness, "Aww. Is Angela scared? Poor baby..." i cooed. I see a tear slip down her cheek as I tighten my grip on her wrists. I slap her acroos the face and laugh as she cries. It makes me feel more powerful, and satisfied. "P-Please Lexi, don't h-hurt me! I'm s-sorry!" she stutters. I laugh at her helplessness. "I-I'm so sorry Lexi, p-please don't hurt me!" I laugh as I mock her.

I let go of her her wrists, causing her to fall. "I'll spare you this one time! Now get out of my sight you fat wench!" I snarl. She nods, gathers her books, and scurries away. I turn to the girls and see them grinning. "Let's go girls, time to get ready for the party." I say. The bell rung, signaling for us to leave. I make my way to the door and walk out to my car.

I pull up into my driveway and hop out of my car. I walk inside and see my dad on the couch watching T.V. "Hey daddy, can I go to a party tonight at my friend Jason's house?" I ask as i approach him. "sure, whatever you want sweetie." with his eyes still glued to the T.V. I smile and kiss him on the cheek before running up to my room. I search through my closet, trying to something outstanding to wear. I decide to wear a tight hot pink top with a tight minnie skirt. I slip on my black flats and walk over to my vanity. I decide on useing my curling wand, and apply a beautiful smokey eye style for my make-up.

Once I'm finished I look over myself before deciding I look good. I head downstairs and out the door. "Bye dad, love you!" I shout over my shoulder. I hear a faint bye as i slam the door shut behind me. I jump in my car and text the girls. I put the key int the keyhole and start my car. I take off down the street towards Jason's house.

I walk into Jason's and was greeted by the strong stench of alchol. I weaved my way through the dancing drunk bodies, I push and shove people out of my way till I finally find my way to the dring table. I pick up a beer a take a sip, the bitter nasty taste makes me cringe, but then the warm fizz feeling in my throat appears, making me yearn for more. I glance around at my surroundings and see Taz and his crew heading my way, great... This isn't going to be good. I turn towards the table hoping that they'll turn and walk away.

Taz is the coolest bad boy from school, the captain of the football team, and my ex-boyfriend. I caught him cheating on me at the end of one of his games.

I felt warm muscular arms snake aroung my waist. "Hey babe." Tas whispers in my ear. His nice but yet intoxicating scent of cinnamon and cigaretts fills my sences. His cold breath sends chills down my spine, and not in the lovey dovey way, more like in a creepy way. I pull myself away from his arms and look up at him. His jet black hair swoops in front of his eyes, and his emerald green eyes pierce into mine. His black jeans are tucked inside his combat boots, and his leather jacket hangs loosely from his shoulders. In all honesty, he looked hot, but I'm not attracted to him like that anymore.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." he chuckles. I snap out of my daze and look around at his giggling posse. He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the deck. I'm too lost in his mesmerizing eyes to even protest. Wait... what? Come on Lexi knock it off! I scold myself. He leads me to the side of the house and sits down, pulling me onto his lap. I look around and his posse is gone, it's just me and him, great... I fix my gaze back on Taz. He pulls something out of his back pocket, it's a drug, more specifically, pot. "Want to try some?" he asks. I shake my head frantically, protesting. "No way!" I demand. "Are you too scared Lexi? Aww, that's cute!" he grins. "I-I'm not s-scared!" I spat, even though on the inside I know I'm really terrified.

Taz's facial features go somber and he holds the pot out to me, "Then prove it." he dares. I shrug and take it from his hands, I try it once and go into fits of coughs.Taz pats me on the back. "It's a bit overwhelming the first time, try again." he says. It actually wasn't that bad, once I calmed down I felt mellow, relaxed, and care free. I took it from him again and kept trying it until I was stumbling around giggling like and idiot.

I do it one more time, then I started coughing uncontrolably, seeing black splotches everywhere. I doubled over and fell to the ground losing my balance. Taz rushes over to me and pulls me into his lap. "Lexi? Lexi what's wrong!?" he frantically shakes me. I can see the worry and fear in his eyes, those beautiful green eyes. Everything is almost black, those green eyes are the last thing I see before I fall into a much needed slumber.


I look around and everythings black... where am I? I hear faint voices in the background, "She has been asleep for almost eight months! When is she going to wake up!?"my dad panicks. "Sir, I have told you this before we do not know! There is a possibility that she won't wake up."a male voice says.

Why are they saying that I'm not waking up? What's wrong with me!? Okay, I remember going to a party, having one drink, then... umm... Oh! Taz gave me pot! I must have overdosed and now I'm in a coma? That jerk! I am going to pound him to a pulp! "Please wake up baby girl... please." I heard my dad whimper. I wanted to cry, but my body wouldn't allow me to do it. I tried to step out of the darkness, but it kept pulling me in, everytime I try to wake up it literally drains me of energy.

I gave in and laid down in the darkness that consumes me...




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