Begging of One Direction


1. The Xfactor auditions

The day on the auditions all the boys were scared but for one of the boys it wasn't his first time for Liam Payne it was his second time because he first went to the Xfactor when he was 14 years old but Simon Cowell sent him home in the bootcamp because he was too young. But Liam proved him wrong when he sung cry me a river and SMASHED it like mad.

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam all went through to bootcamp but didnt make it through as just single sings but after Simon called all their names back and Harry stared moaning and having a go saying we are young boys you just wanna see us cry but after that then they were told they were going to be put in a all boy band. after that the one thing that was on there mind was what we going to wear and Naill liked the way Louis dressed but the other boys didn't want to wear what Louis was wearing. 

after that they were suddenly very popular and they came 3rd in the XFactor and now they are the biggest all boy band yet!

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