My life isn't normal when i was 4 my whole foster family died in a car accident. when i was 6 the adoption agency gave up on finding me a family because i kept scaring them off. when i was 9 the guy looking after me died from the house burning down. now im 17 and my 18th birthday is coming up soon and i really want to find out there with the things i can do. someone who can give me an explanation to why im so different. to why i can't stay in one place. why i have to keep moving around when they find out my secret. i was born to hunt and born to save. But Why?


1. Are People The Same?

So im 17 and its alomost my 18th birthday.

I want to find out if people have the same power as me. At the moment, it seems I'm different to other people I meet.

Also, since I had no family when i was young, I had to go to an adoption agency. Yet whenever they found me a family, they just... died. For no apparent reason. 

Like my first family, when I was 4. They died in a car accident. Then when I was 9, the man who was looking after me died in a fire. 

Why do I have to move if people find my secret? Why am I so different?

One thing's for sure, I am not gonna quit trying. So let's begin.

I woke up in the little wooden shack I built upon the mountain. This shortly followed by me putting on my golden coloured hoody, my black sunglasses and red trainers. Once done, I styled my hair with the same stream running along the side of my shack. When I was completed, I packed a bag and set off to find people the same as me.

Suddenly, I heard a voice; Come little one, I know who you are...

But one thing, what does that mean?

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