1. Please Read! IMPORTANT

Hey guys! I want somebody with great writing experience to start a story for me! The winner gets to be a person in my book, My Not Fancy Carrot. I think i got the name wrong. How sad! But anyways, its gonna be a contest!!! So all you have to do is, make a cover for my book, then write a short intro to the story. The stories that i only read on Wattpad are One Direction fanfiction. No hate. So here are the details that I will be looking for.

THE GIRLS NAME (me): McKinley Alsip (Mickie for short)

FACIAL FEATURES: Bright red hair (dyed like Ariana Grande), green eyes(that change with mood), freckles, naturally pink lips, tan skin

•Short height 5'3"

•Sassy,funny, sarcastic, caring, nice, nursing (good w/ kids)

These will also be used in the story. The Winner can also choose to get a cover made by me custom for their book.

Email me the cover of my book @:


Text me it at: 5134360633


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