Chasing dreams

Lilian Collins has a rich daddy who always criticizes her surfing and puts her dreams down. He wants her to become a doctor but she has other desires. Lilian finally turns 18 and right after graduation, she out of there. She runs away, moving northern of California to fulfill her life as a surfer. But does one particular guy catch her eye? Read and find out!!!


1. 1

I got off my bike, heading inside to find my daddy doing paperwork. He looks up at me and sighed. "You know I got the mustang for you so you can drive around town instead of riding and walking. Right?"

"I don't know why you did. I have to be healthy and strong for the completion this summer. I need to train." He rolled his eyes at me and I ran up the stairs. I put on my teal bikini and plain black muscle shirt over it. I grabbed some denim shorts and put them over the bottoms before running downstairs.

"Bye dad. Love you." I walked in the closet and grabbed my surf board.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Lilian, you just got home for school and graduation is this Friday. Did you get your letter from NYU?" He interrupted.

Sigh. "Yeah dad. I was accepted. But you know I'm not going."

"What why! This is your dream! It's what you've been looking up to all year! Why aren't you going?!"

Sigh again. "No dad. This is your dream. You've been looking up to this all year. My dream is to be a professional surfer like mom. You know, my idol. The lady whom you divorced because you never knew she was a surfer and she never told you because she loved you and you didn't give a fuck because your sober and is only happy when people look at things from your point of view." I walked out before he could say anything.

I walked to the beach with my surf board and set it on the sand. I grabbed out my towel and laid it on my chair, along with my shirt and shorts. I picked up my board today and ran in the water to find Danny and Joshua sitting on their boards.

"Hey boys. Low tides today?"

"Lili! Where have you been?!" They both said.

"Oh you know, doctor lecture from my dad. The usual." We all laughed. "Damn, there nothing out here."

"Yeah but I hear the waves are supposed to be good tonight. You should come. You know, show us off like you always do." Danny grinned and I laughed, flipping him off his board.

"I'll be here. But don't be surprised if I'm late, my dad will most likely give me another lecture." We all laughed again and I felt myself being flipped off the board. "What the fuck?! Dan! Josh! Who did that?!" I coughed and got back on my board. Then a face smiled and popped out of behind Danny. "Erin! I'm going to fucking kill you! On shore of course. Don't want to attract any sharks." We all laughed and Erin came up and balance with me on my board. Each of us on opposite ends.

"So, livi, I hear your going to surf with us tonight?" Erin asks.

"Yep that's the plan." He nods and we all start having a wrestling fight (In the shallow ends). Our boards were in the sand near my chair.

I was on Joshua's shoulder and Danny was on Erin's. Me and Danny fought for a while until he Danny grabbed my hands and pulled me off. I clutched his hands and took him with me. We all came up laughing until the time was 6.

"Ugh. I gotta go guys. I'll be back out here around 9. See you!" I yelled and ran up putting my clothes on and key chaining by board to the fence and took off.

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