English Love Affair

I told myself it will never happen, so what happens when the impossible becomes a reality? What happens when I meet a certain someone in Panda Express one sunny day with my sister? Read my journey to find out.


16. Chapter 16

The next morning when Denise woke up to the sound of Olivia crying she got up and went to Olivia's room then picked her up changed her diaper then went downstairs and made her a bottle then Denise she sat on the couch and turned on the tv and fed Olivia when she finished she burped her then laid her in her swing then Denise got up and got some cereal when she finished she washed the dishes then sat back on the couch then Denise looked at Olivia and smiled then there was a knock on the door Denise got up and went to the door and opened it to reveal a boy with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair and it was in a quiff then Denise said "Um hi how can I help you?" "um sorry my mom had me come give this to you to welcome you to the neighborhood" he said lifting the plate he had in his hands with cookies Denise said "Oh thank you um you want to come in for a bit" "Okay" then Denise moved out of the way and left him in then Denise closed the door then walked to the kitchen then he put the plate down on the counter then he said "So what happened to the other owners?" "oh um they kinda died" "Kinda?" "well there dead" "so you got this house?" "It was inherited" "huh?" "The people that used to live here are my parents" "No way" "yeah" "why were you never around?" "Didn't live with them" "oh wait wait your American huh?" "Yup just got here yesterday" "it's a big house for you to be alone" "oh hahahaha I'm not alone I have a sister but she's still asleep and then I have um the baby" "not your daughter?" "It's complicated" "how so?" "It's my moms baby but I'm her guardian so I guess that makes me her mom now" "yeah it kinda does" "hahahahaha" "Oh I'm Connor by the way" "I'm Denise" "nice to meet you" "you too, so why didn't your mom being these herself?" "She wanted me to make friends so she sent me here" "oh I see the controlling mom kinda?" "Oh you have no idea" "hahahaha my mom used to be like that with my sister cause she is kinda lazy" "aren't we all" "of course even though most people don't want to admit it" "yeah that's true but with me I show it like I'm failing school I play video games all day" "your still in high school?" "Yeah I am" "oh okay" "what about you?" "oh no I finished already" "College girl I see" "Kinda I just got to enroll into college" "hahahahaha I see" "yeah hahahahaha" "So um I should go um it was nice meeting you" "you too" then Denise walked him to the front door then as Denise was about to close the door her phone began to ring she answered it and said "hello" "hey love" "hi Ash what's up?" "I'm in the front come help me really fast I brought food" "okay hahahahaha there I go" then Denise hung up then walked to the front to see Ashton getting out of his car she looked to her left and seen Connor and his mom she guessed standing on the porch Denise then smiled then she said "Ash you know you didn't have to buy food" "well I wanted to help my lovely girlfriend out so I did" "hahahahaha you are too kinda love" Denise then kissed his cheek then he hugged her then he said ''how did the first night go with Olivia?" "Well it went okay I mean I don't like waking up but she only woke up once" "that's good news so you didn't lose much sleep?" "no but still I love sleep" "hahahahaha don't we all" "yeah that's true" then Denise got some bags then they walked inside then put them on the counter then Ashton said "Where did you get these cookies from?" "the neighbor the lady had her son bring them" "Oh hahahahaha have you tried them?" "yeah there good" Ashton then got one and ate it then he said "they are good" "hahahahaha told you" "where's Skye did she get lost again?" "hahahahaha no she's still asleep" "oh hahahahaha I didn't say that" "hahahahaha got it" then Olivia began to cry so Denise went to the swing picked her up then went back to the kitchen with Ashton and he began to put the stuff away when he finished he looked at Denise then he smiled then Denise said "what hahahahaha?" "nothing" "okay hahahahaha" then Denise looked at Olivia then smiled then Ashton said "So what's on today's schedule?" "Um not sure most likely nothing cause Olivia" "why don't we go out?" "No not yet there going to think Olivia is your baby I don't want you to get in trouble" "Well I told my mom about you" "She's going to think I trapped you with a child Ashton I don't want her to hate me" "Love calm down I told her about Olivia and why she is your daughter"  "oh" "she wants to meet you" "what?" "yeah I was there last night and we were talking then I told her about you and how we met and she said you sound lovely and she wants to meet you" "when?" 'I don't know" "oh" "You want to?" "I don't know Ash what if she doesn't like me?" "your a lovely girl I'm sure she will love you" "I don't know I have never done this before" "its not that hard babe all you have to do is talk" "what if I say something wrong and she hates me" "hahahahaha you won't she will most likely try and get to know you" "Oh I see" "hahahahaha so no worries love" "okay I guess" 'hahahahaha so do you or Skye cook?" "hahahahaha yeah I cook" "good cause unless you want food that's burned then I can cook" "it's okay I can do it" Denise then went to the living room and put Olivia in her swing then got the swing and put it in the kitchen with Denise and Ashton then Denise said "So what should I cook?" Ashton said "Um well I don't know" Denise looked to see what see what she had then she decided to make chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and eggs then Ashton said "chocolate chips?" "yeah why not" ''hahahahaha this shall be interesting" "you will love this trust me Ash" "okay" then Denise began to mix the pancakes mix and put the bacon to cook then Ashton said "so chocolate chip pancakes?" "yup have you ever had some?" "do frozen ones count?" "not really" "then no" "hahahahaha well that is going to change today love" "hahahahaha okay then" then Denise continued to cook then Olivia began to cry then Ashton said "I got her love don't worry" "Are you sure?" "yeah I mean I have younger siblings I know how to handle them" "okay then" then Ashton got Addie rocking her to calm down then Denise finished cooking when she finished she served herself and Ashton then she walked upstairs to her room and when she walked in Skye was just laying on the bed then Denise said "morning Skye" Skye looked then said "morning" "everything okay" "I guess" "that's a no" "hahahahaha you know me so well" "of course I do" "hahahahaha" "so what's wrong?" "not much I'm just here and I don't want to move" "why?" "pain" "oh no well want to just to go lay on the couch?" "yeah" "okay then lets go" then Skye got up then got a blanket then they both went downstairs then Skye laid on the couch then Denise went back to the kitchen then Ashton said "where did you go?'' "wake up Skye" "oh she's awake?" "yeah she's laying on the couch she's not feeling well" "oh that sucks" "I know so looks like I got something to do today" "hahahahaha that's not what I meant by what was on today's schedule" "I know but now it is cause of I was sick she would take care of me too"  "that's true well if your not going out I'll stay here with you all day" "you don't have to you should spend time with your siblings" "I know but there in school so I want to spend time with my girlfriend" "what about after?" "I'll see them when I go home tonight" "but they haven't seen you in a long time" "true" "so you need to spend time with them love" "I will I told my mom I was going to pick up Harry from school" "Well that's good Ash go spend some time with him brother bonding time" "hahahahaha'' "like take him to the arcade go watch a film go to the beach" "hahahahaha let's see what he wants to do" "hahahahaha okay" then Denise got Skye's plate of food and walked to the couch where Skye was watching TV then Denise said "here is your food" "thanks love" "no problem enjoy" "who's in the kitchen with you?" "Ashton" "oh he came alone?" "yeah" "okay then" "yeah" "what are you going today?" "take care of you" "but why?" "cause I want to Skye I know that your older and blah blah blah but I'm taking care of you" "this is why I knew you would be a great mom to Olivia" Skye mumbled "huh?" "I said this is why I knew you would a great mom for Skye" "oh" "I mean yeah your younger but you act like the oldest one you keep me on check and make sure I don't do anything stupid for god sakes I got lost already and who was there to come fine me?'' "me?" "yeah it was you I'm sure no one else would've done that for me let alone do anything for me that you do for me" "yeah that's true huh" "yeah very but I think that you should go out enjoy this lovely day" "Nah I'm going to stay here with you I don't mind there's other days we can go out" "I hate when your right" "hahahahaha plus were not suppose to take out babies till a certain age well at least that's what I was told" "how old?" "I think like once they turn a month old" "Oh I see" "so two week" "What?" "Olivia she turns a month old in 2 weeks silly" "oh yeah huh that's what the nurse told us" "yup yup" "where is Olivia at?" "Ashton has her" "Oh wait he has her?" "yeah I was cooking and she started to cry and he got her he told me he got it" "Oh hahahahaha is it as painful like all those pics we used to se with them with kids?" "you don't even know the half of it I just stared at him my insides were dying" "hahahahaha that made my morning" "Man I would go tell you go see for yourself but you can't move" "I know cause trust me I would go see" "you would just die on he floor right there" "hahahahaha you are too much" "whatcha watching?" "entertainment news" "anything interesting?" "well that is" Denise looked at the TV and the person said "Well today it looks like One Direction has arrived in Australia this morning the boys were accompanied by Eleanor, Perrie, and Sofia" Skye said "Denise there here that is creepy considering we just got here yesterday" Denise said "It would've been scary if they got here yesterday" then the lady on the TV said "The boys and girls are here for there time off from there tour at the moment, and also the 5SOS boys had just arrived yesterday as well now who knows if these two groups will be hanging out while they are here only time will tell" Denise said "I'm sure there gonna hang out" Skye said "Me too" "Well I'll be back let me go get Ash" "okay" then Denise walked to the kitchen and then said "hey Ash" "hi love hahahahaha" "want to go to the couch" "okay" Denise walked up to Ashton then said "I'll take her if you want" "It's okay I'll take her to the living room and you take her swing" "okay then" Denise then got the swing then took it to the living room with Ashton following behind then Denise put the swing down and Ashton laid Olivia in it then he went to the kitchen and got his and Denise's plate then they sat on the couch and ate as they were eating and watching TV Ashton said "Denise told me your sick Skye?" "Yeah woke up feeling like crap" "Michael is sick too that's weird" "he is?" "yeah that's why I came alone I went to his parents house to pick him up and his mom told me he wasn't feeling well" "that's weird I used to always get sick when he was sick even before we met like he would tweet he was sick and I was sick me and Denise thought it was the strangest thing ever" "that is kind of strange hahahahaha" "I know just don't tell him" "I won't" "okay wait where are Luke and Calum?" "with there families" "oh I see" "yeah so I thought why not come visit you both" "you mean Denise?" "No you, Olivia, and Denise" "if you say so lover boy" "hey I would take you to Michael's if you weren't sick" "I guess" "you guess?" "yeah that mean meeting his parents and maybe he hasn't told them about me yet" "true" "so yeah it's okay but thanks for offering"  "no problem" then as they were sitting on the couch Denise heard her phone begin to ring she got up and went to her room and got her phone then she sat on her bed and answered it and said "hello" "hey Denise" "Elizabeth?" "yeah it's me you know the girl you forgot about" "forgot about what are you talking about?" "yeah you left me to go with Skye like always" "wait your jealous of Skye?" "No I'm just saying you left me because of her I don't even know why you like her she's not even a good friend" "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" "I said she's not a good friend" "WOW YOUR SUCH A JEALOUS GIRL YOU KNOW THAT YOU ALWAYS HAD TO BE BETTER THAN US ALWAYS THE ONE WHO SUPPOSABLY HAD CONCERT TICKETS BUT NEVER WENT TO THEM!!!!!!" "I told cause I didn't have a ride" "YEAH STILL WITH THAT SHIT ABOUT NOT HAVING A CAR OR WHATEVER YOU USED TO SAY!!!!" "why are you backing up Skye he just uses you anyways" "USES ME SHE USES ME THAT'S A LOT OF BULLSHIT YOU KNOW THAT" "I'm just saying before it's too late but you know what I don't care I don't like you or her both of you go to hell" "hahahahaha you mean your house no thanks I'm good" "what?" "NOTHING MISS I GOT US 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER TICKETS!!!" "I told you I was sorry" "YOUR NOT SORRY FUCK MAN I MISSED PROM BACAUSE YOU SAID YOU HAD GOT ME YOU AND SKYE TICKETS THEN THE DAY OF THE CONCERT YOU SAID THE MAIL PEOPLE LOST THEM THAT THERE IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD" Denise said crying cause she was frustrated "I told you I was sorry" "SORRY FOR LYING TO ME? THAT WASN'T THE FIRST TIME SO DON'T ACT LIKE YOU ONLY DID IT ONCE OKAY" "you know what I'm done here okay" "HAHAHAHAHAHA DONE YOUR DONE DON'T ACT LIKE THE GOOD PERSON HERE YOUR THE ONE WHO CALLED ME TO CAUSE DRAMA" "I just said that you forgot about me" "YOU DO KNOW I HAVE A FUCKEN LIFE NOT LIKE YOU I HAVE BEEN BUSY BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER RIGHT?!!!" "yeah it doesn't matter" "YOUR EXPECTING ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND AFTER YOU TALKED SHIT ABOUT SKYE" "I am just saying watch I know she's using you I can see it every time we used to hangout she used to waste your money and she never had some" "HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S A GOOD ONE" "why are you laughing" "CAUSE IT'S FUCKEN FUNNY" "how is that funny?" "CAUSE IT WAS HER FUCEKN MONEY SHE HAD ME HOLD IT FOR HER NICE TO KNOW THAT YOU NEVER LIKED HER" "I never liked her cause she was taking you away from me" "HAHAHAHAHA TAKING ME AWAY FROM YOU THAT THERE IS FUNNY SHE WAS NEVER TAKING ME FROM YOU I HAVE KNOWN SKYE SINCE I WAS BORN DAMMIT" "I don't get it" "SHE'S MY SISTER ELIZABETH THERE OKAY YOU KNOW SHE'S MY DAMN SISTER AND I DON'T APPRECIATE YOU TALKING CRAP ABOUT HER LIKE YOU THINK YOUR SO DAMN BETTER BUT LET ME BRAKE IT TO YOU YOUR NOT BETTER THAN ANY OF US YOUR JUST A BIG LIAR!!!!!" "I didn't know she was your sister" "OBVIOUSLY YOU DIDN'T" "yeah" "YOU KNOW WHAT I'M DONE" Denise then hung up then threw her phone across the room then just sat on the floor then someone walked in the room.


Skye's P.O.V

When Denise got up and went to her room it was quiet for a while until I heard Denise yelling Ashton looked at me then he said "is she yelling?" "Um I think so" "oh" "she never gets this mad I should go check on her" "Wait let's see if she is going to calm down" I then sat there listening to Denise yell wondering what she was talking about then it was quiet and there was a bang I then got up slowly then I told Ashton "just stay here let me see what is wrong with her" "okay" I then walked up the stairs and went to Denise's room when I walked in I seen Denise's phone by the door I picked it up and luckily it wasn't cracked I then put it on her bed then she seen me she looked at me and she had tears going down her face I then sat next to her on the floor then I said "are you okay?" "no" she said "wanna talk about it" "Elizabeth called me" "what's so bad about that?" "she called saying that I forgot about her and I replaced her with you and she was saying that you were using me cause every time we would hang out you would use my money when in reality it was our money so then I just told her that you were not taking her place cause your my sister then I hung up on her" "wait what?" "she was basically talking crap about you" "but I never did anything to her" "I know that's what I said but who cares where far away from her now" "true thank god but that's mean" "I know" "why are you crying though?" "I got a little frustrated" "oh that explains it" then I sat there with Denise in silence then I looked at her and she was still crying but looking at the wall then I knew Denise was over thinking this whole situation that's the thing about Denise when she does something like this she tends to overthink stuff then she feels bad and ends up forgiving the person let's just say Denise is really caring and for you to get her to hate you, you would have to something really bad I guess this was it cause she looks like she's not going to forgive her but then too what she said was wrong I did nothing wrong to her and she hates me but I don't care we don't live close to her anymore anyways


 No ones p.o.v

When Denise calmed she laid her head on Skye's leg then Skye said "are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine" "I'm sleepy now though" "why don't you take a nap?" "I don't know?" "I'll take care of Olivia and plus Ashton is here to help me" "Um..." "Come on just for a little while" "fine fine fine but if you need anything come wake me up" "alright I'll be here when you wake up well not here in your room but the house" "hahahahahahaha okay then" then Denise laid on her bed and Skye walked out of her room and moments later Denise was fast asleep

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