Their Stories

Minecraft, a place where everything is blocks,blocks and block. But inside of each mob, they had a dream... A dream to love somebody or to be loved.
If every mob is human, what will they do to change the world?
*Going to make a cover VERY SOON... Depends if I got the energy to draw it :3


1. Author's words

 Hi~ This is Endza, and I am the one who likes to put Author's words at first... =-=

 It's my first time to write a Movella, and I will be really pleased if you like it.<3

 Yes, I am really bad at spelling & grammar, all the chapters are helped by one of my friend, Defy. Thank her very much.

 Well, in the love part in some chapters, the couples are not always female x males....

*looking at my feet* If you are sensitive at gay subjects, I suggest you not to read some of the chapters.:3

Hope you enjoy~ >w<

*Note, I do not own Minecraft. Minecraft is made by Mojang.

*Note 2, Each Chapter has (almost) no connection to each other, it doesn't matter if you skipped some of it :D

*Note 3, Um, I have no idea how much chapters there will be, it depends how much brain I have. If you got any ideas about a short story, leave it in the comment, and I might took your idea if it's good>w<

*Note 4, I love to eat chocolate. Buy some chocolate for me.(lolz)


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