When Disaster Struck: Divergent story competition

This is like a prequel of Divergent, how the war started and the faction system was formed Enjoy!


1. It happened so quickly...

We were sitting in class and we were all about to explode with heat exhaustion, i shut my eyes and imagine steam coming out of all of our ruby red ears and our faces immediately reduce the devilish heat rise from our minds and we might actually get some work done. My teacher comes into my fool's paradise and before long i shoot up from my seat and feel a instant blow to the right of my head and i fall into a rabbit hole of confusion and i dream of the tension in the governments in the last few weeks and this man said to be "mentally ill" had attempted to massacre an entire town i think he could have done it if he could he has done it before...


I feel weird and i start to stir and i wake from my slumber and i try to move but something has restricted me to manoeuvre my head has a stinging sensation and my legs are feeling like I've just dunked my leg into boiling water and i have been punctured in my stomach like a bike tyre. I look up i see my older brother carrying me and i express a smile but i can't as my face has been disfigured he lays me down to regain his strength and a explosion BOOM has occurred i grab Lux (my older brother) towards the wall to protect him from the mitts of death he shield each other from the bullet like shards of glass making our chances of surviving extremely slim. 




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