Being Mackenzie Riggs (a Chandler Riggs Fanfic)

I'm Mackenzie Riggs. My older brother is Chandler and we have the best brother-sister relationship ever. He is fourteen and I'm twelve, and he can get a little over protective. Especially when I tell him I want to start dating. Will our relationship fall apart? Read to find out.....


2. chappy #2😄

"Wake up!" Chandler said shaking my arm. I already was awake, I just wanted to catch him off-gaurd. He turned around and went into his room to get ready. I snuck out of bed, got dressed in a light blue long-sleeve, white cappries and a white furry vest. I silently went down the stairs and by the time Chandler was down I was sitting at the kitchen table eating a huge bowl of Cheerios. "There you are!" I said, "I've been waiting for forever. I almost came to wake you!" He just looked at me puzzled

"How long have you been down here?" He questioned

"About an hour. Why?"

"I was just up there shaking your arm less then ten minuets ago."

"You crazy." And with that I got up to go brush my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail. When I walked outside Chandler was ducking behind the couch. "What's goi-" I was cut off by Chandler grabbing my arm and putting his hand over my mouth before he pulled me behind the couch. I tapped his arm indicating that he could remove his hand. He moved it and I heard why he was hiding. Our aunts voice. I was scared. She wasn't usually home until late at night. I put my arms around Chandler just as the lock turned. She walked in, threw her keys on the table and walked straight into the hall. We didn't move until we heard her bedroom door close and lock. Then silently Chandler grabbed the backpacks and I grabbed our helmets and keys. Without a sound, we crept out the front door and grabbed our bikes.

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