Being Mackenzie Riggs (a Chandler Riggs Fanfic)

I'm Mackenzie Riggs. My older brother is Chandler and we have the best brother-sister relationship ever. He is fourteen and I'm twelve, and he can get a little over protective. Especially when I tell him I want to start dating. Will our relationship fall apart? Read to find out.....


1. chapter one😀

I'm Mackenzie Riggs. I am twelve years old and I have green eyes, long brown hair that goes to just under my butt, and I have an older brother named Chandler. Chandler is fourteen and we have the same green eyes, brown colour hair, and attitude. My older brother is also a little protective of me ever since mom and dad died and we had to go live with my aunt. My Aunt May is almost never around and is drunk a lot of the time. And when she get drunk, she gets mean. She used to hit me and my brother until I fainted from the pain. When I woke up Chandler and I would be locked in his room and I would be laying on the bed with him sitting beside me telling me that one day we will run away and never have to see that mean woman ever again. His girlfriend Rachel was pretty fun too. We would go shopping, play at the arcade and she would even invite us over for a pizza and movie night! She still doesn't know about our aunt. No one does.

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