mini stories for all!!

I just wanted to entertain you all with mini stories. I will write story's of humor , terror , fanfictions , etc., etc. . I will take requests and or create my own wacky stories for the people. Promise.


1. chapter one.

     "I'm going out" called the waitress of the Hawaiian themed restraint. "No " called her boss, but it was too late. She was out the door catching a subway . She looked ran by the stores without a care in the world when she got out out of the train. Her vans hitting the ground as she ran. All of a sudden a boy with brown hair in a ponytail grabbed her arm. He pulled her into the alley. "Let me go" she pleaded . Soon she saw the boys height. He was about a foot shorter than her. He was dirty and in need. The waitress looked at his feet, to see if he had shoes and saw he was tied down. A rope at his ankles. "I've been in love with you and request a kiss" asked the man. "I do not know you" cried the waitress. Then she thought about being tied down with work. With 18 hour shifts and no break.  This was her first break in two weeks. She felt pitty and kissed the boy . Seconds later he grew to 4 inches taller than the girl , grew muscles, and had the dirt washed from his face. "I respect and love you and your help and would love you as my bride "the boy said taking the waitress's hand. "No" said the waitress. " I have only met you once and want to enjoy my freedom. I am never returning to my job . I will travel the world and will only love my freedom" said the girl who realised her new found skill. 

No later than that day had the waitress packed her bags and started looking  for plane tickets. 

The boy put his disguise on and begged for money since he learned not to beg for love. Which never got him more than 5 cents. I guess this is THE END for these not so love birds.




A/N Hey guys it's me I want your HONEST OPINION   on this ok. Ill never learn if you don't tell me. So if you have any comments please tell me in the comment box below. (Yes I am stealing this from wasabi productions) Mkaybye 

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