Harmonie's Testimony


1. The Block

I was at work when Gerome called. "Baby where are you?"" I'm at work baby." " I need you to hurry up and sale that gram, so you can get home quickly.""Ok, I'm on my way." Gerome an I have been together since I was 12 years old, he taught me how to love, how to work the block and how to hustle like no other woman knew how to. I sold my last gram to this guy named Ray'shawn. "Hey mama, what's your name?" "They call me Keyshia on the streets." "Um, how old are you?" "I'm 17 years old." "You gotta man baby?" "Yes, his name is Gerome and he's waiting on me right now at home." "Aw, ok cool mama. Hey can I have your number in case I want to make another purchase?" "Yeah it's 532-710-5349." "Alright shawty, see you around." I saw him checking me out, as I walked to my car. I've been on the streets long enough to know game being ran on me and this here guy was pretty smooth with his. His milk chocolate skin glows in the sun with bright brown eyes that glisten in the light,built like a jailbird, tatted like an artist, and smooth like a silk cover. He was truly a fine sight. I didn't take much interest in him because everything that glistens is not always gold. I switch my black mini skirt, having it pop up just a little to tease him. My black flats go perfectly with my skirt but my hot pink top sets my whole outfit off. I use my body to make him fiend for more, all the while licking my pink berry lipgloss off my lips. Two can play at this game and I see he likes to play along. Gerome shoots me another text and I get in my car but not before I wink at him, blowing a smooth kiss to say I have won this round. I finally arrive at Gerome's house, I get in the house and hand him his cut." What were you rushing me for?" Before I could finish my sentence completely La'shaundra walks out. "What is she doing here?" "Harmonie let me explain." "What the heck is she doing here?" "Harmonie shut up and stop tripping." I close my mouth, giving him a chance to explain. He takes a deep breath but before he could speak she goes "I'm pregant!" I see her sinister smile and that enrages me. I lunge forward at her totally forgetting about the the part where she said she was pregant. She grabs my hair and the fight begins. I took the first blow to my nose as fuel to my fire. I slam her into the wall, reaching up to grab her hair before I take another blow to the back of my head. I will admit she give as many hits as she can take but regardless of how good she can throw and take a hit. I'm swift. I quickly trip her up and get on top, slamming her head into his carpet. Gerome picks me up but not before I could slide a final punch to her nose leaving a trace of blood from my first to the carpet. I kick in the air until he puts me down. "Harmonie!" I look him sternly in the eyes and say,"Gerome, Fuck you." I walk out the house to get in my car. He stands at the door confused about who to go after. His face reveals everything and I pull of quick, fast, and in a hurry.

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