Cover Store: Evidence of an Artist

Covers! Yup, that's right! It's another one of these things! Here, people can request covers, and give me instruction on how they want them, and then I will post each one as a new chapter in this Movella. The first chapter will have the form to fill out, so feel free to request covers in the comments! Not everyone is an artist, and I'm not even positive if I'm one, but if I can help, then why not?!


1. The Form

   ~So here it is! I've decided to do one of these cover-store-like-thingies, where I take requests from people that want covers for their stories made, then make them and post them here for them to use. Basically, I will try to crank out the requests ASAP, but of course, depending on how many I get, I will do them in order of who requested first. Alright, now that that's out of the way, here's the form to fill out in the comments:

~The Form~

Title: (What is the main title, or just the title in general of the story?)

Link: (Please include a link to the desired Movella so I can get an idea of the story for the cover.)

Font:** (Is there a specific font you want for your title? If not, I will merely pick something that seems to enhance the cover if you don't state your preference.)

Genre: (What is the genre of your movella needing the cover?)

Name:** (This is optional, but this is for if you want your name, or username somewhere on the cover, so as to claim it as yours.)

Specialty:******* (Is there something very specific you want, such as who is on the cover, what they look like, how large they are on the cover, where they're positioned, if they're faded out, etc.)

Text: (Do you want any additional text added somewhere on your cover? If so, where, and if you want it a specific colour, which one? Also, of course, you must provide what it says...)

Extra: (If there is any other special thing that you feel doesn't fit into one of these categories, please let me know. Feel free to be as specific as possible, because since I'm not you, the only way for me to know what you have in mind is by you explaining it to me.)


** = Not necessary to fill out.

******* = Please fill this part out to the best of your ability to receive a cover as close to what you imagined as possible.


   ~ATTENTION: If your cover is small in your chapter, that's because I created it in a 200x250 instead of a 400x500, which would give you a medium, or a 800x1000, which would get you a large. This is merely to make it clear and not blurry, because nothing bugs me worse than an unfocused cover. Either way, if you right click (on a computer) and save the image, then put it as your cover, it will still be right, it will just appear different sizes in these chapters. I make sure I create with the correct dimensions, so you won't have to worry about that! Also, please give me credit for any cover I make that you use! I spend my time and patience creating your cover, so I think the least you could do is mention that I made it in your blurb! But anyway, thanks so much, and I love you all! <3

   ~ss_lover xx

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