Moving On💠

Hey guys this is my first fan fic so all comments are well taken so knock yourselves out c: If you have any suggestions those will be appreciated as well:)

Yesenia is a normal girl with a normal like and girls that hate an ex boyfriend that is very jealous but all o her world will change with her bestfriend(s)


1. Chapter 1.-

Yessi's POV'

'Can she be more of a bitch!' I snapped. My best friend Clary and I hated this girl named Andrea. She was a definite BITCH!

'Calm down, you know she is just doing it to hurt you' she reassured. 'Yea well you know what it's working!' I said as I shut my locker closed and headed to 3rd period.

Andrea was this girl that had been in the same school as me for 3 whole years. She was always trying to be better than me even though it never worked it usually just ticked me off a little bit. She had medium lengthy hair, brown eyes, and was tan as a result of being in the track team.

It had been 1 month since I broke up with my boyfriend for the second time this year. It wasn't because I didn't like him it was because he knew that I had been cheated on by my ex and he just made it a joke as his way of telling me. My ex-boyfriend's name was Ali. It was his first year in our school and since the fist time i set an eye on him I instantly liked him.

The thing is that after we broke up the BITCH started flirting with him eve though he had just broken up with her boyfriend. And apparently it worked because they are now going out.

I was so busy thinking about that that when was walking by the main office I crashed into someone. 'Shit!' I said and bent down to pick up all of my books and the guy that I had crashed into was immediately on his knees just like me helping me gather all of my books.

After I got all of my books I got up and looked up at him while removing my hair from my face. 'Sorry doll, totally my fault' I heard him say with a sexy British accent. 'Oh no, no no so my fault i was distracted, I had my head in the clouds...but now it's down here in earth, with us again. Anyways I have to go!' I said as I turned away to walk upstairs.When I was half way up the stairs I felt a strong grip on my wrist and almost fell back but two strong hands were on my waist helping me keep my balance.

'Sorry but umm I need to ask you something' the guy said with that accent of his. 'Ummm....sure knock yourself out'I replied. 'Well...I'm new here and I don't really know where anything is. Do you mind showing me where room 408 is?' He asked. •Hmm 408 is it couldn't...yup it is.• 'sure right this way' I answered as climes up the stairs an he followed.

Zayn's POV'

Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful girl. Those brown/blue/green/hazel eyes were just compelling. And her accent wasn't from here. I had to know where that accent is from! 'Umm excuse me but were are you from, I'm pretty sure that isn't a completely American accent.' He just smirked at my question and answer 'I'm Mexican I'm from Juarez the city that borders El Paso tx.' •I knew it• 'Oh ok just one more question,' 'sure go ahead' it was a must ask, I had to know her name. 'What's your name?' She had to think about it for a second before she answered me. 'Well my name is Yesenia but since most people can pronounce it, they just call me Yessi.'

Yessi's POV'

This guy is gorgeous! Black hair, hazel eyes, tall, and ufff that bad boy look fitted him good!

Oh shit!

'Fuck!' I stopped in shock.

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