Niall's cousins and their friends

Hailey and Natasha are the cousins of Niall Horan but they kept it a secret. They fly over to London to get away from the hot sun of California with their three best friends,Riley, Kelsie, and CJ. Kelsie happens to bump into One Direction and immediately recognizes Hailey's cousin. What happens when a popular boy band falls for you and your best friends?


1. Meet the girls


Name-Hailey Hughes



Facts-She is the youngest of the group but is still the most mature. She enjoys eating yogurt for some reason and the leader of the group. She doesn't care what others think and is seen doing crazy stuff with Riley.


Name-Riley Clyde



Facts-She is the oldest and least mature. She can only be serious when it is needed. She is known to pull crazy pranks. She enjoys eating lemons dipped in honey.

Name-Kelsie Cowell


Facts-She is adopted daughter of Simon Cowell. She is an inspired photographer and enjoys eating sweets. She is the shyest of the group.

Name-Carly Jay "CJ" Smith


Facts-She is usually seen instigating fights or involved in them. She can't cook and only burns things. She is the only one with a driver's license. She enjoys eating grapefruits covered in sugar.

Name-Natasha Hughes


Facts-She is Hailey's older sister and is the peacemaker of the group. She is the smartest and hates the number 8 for some odd reason. She enjoys eating sour stuff. She is also the best cook.

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