Find The Will To Live


1. Find The Will To Live

We have all been hurt,

countless amount of times.

We sometimes blame ourselves,

but still try to read between the lines.

Life can seem, at times,

like it isn't worth it.

It can drive us to doing and thinking,

some really stupid shit.

Some of us can pick ourselves back up,

and move on.

However some of us can never recover,

and they travel on a path so wrong.

Drugs, alcohol, and sex are just a few "escapes" of reality and life,

until suddenly their "happiness"

is cut by an invisible knife.

Over time, they start to lose their friends and family,

everything they once had.

That's when they realize,

their life before wasn't so bad.

Don't ever think you've had enough,

and you can't go on.

You've got be tough,

And you've got be strong.

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