The Life of A Unicorn

Random short stories... ^.^


1. YouTube Videos

~Donut ^.^


Recently, on Saturday, I was watching some YouTube videos when all of a sudden... I tripped over a tiny elephant and I died. :P SALTS (Smiled A Little Then Stopped). Anyway, I came across some videos  and I was watching them....... ok yeah.

They were stupid, but they made me crack up, I have to admit. I might have the links by the next chapter I promise please do not slap me with that turkey feather (/.\) I WAS QUESTIONING MY EXISTENCE AT SOME POINTS IN THE VIDEOS and I was like "Ze fook is wrong wit dem" (it was teenage boys) I am not being racist right now but, they are Caucasian. I'm MEXICAN OMFG YAY ^.^

(Yes, I am in fact dating a Caucasian male) Now, is it just me or do people go on YouTube and say, "I'm going t watch meself some Magcon" (That was attempted to be said in an Irish accent, fail *-*) and then somehow you end up watching a tutorial on how to talk to giraffes and skydiving elephants? I don't know about you, but I'm questioning my existence ._.

I liked unicorns before they were cool ._.

I am so hungry right now like I want some Wendy's >_<

Have you guys ever watched 25 Different Laughs by Connor Franta? I recommend it, it's hilarious xD It had me dYING

Oh by the way, Connor Franta is sexy and hilarious, please subscribe :)

Well, I believe that is all for this chapter and another will be up soon so make sire to like/favorite this for some more random shizz-bombs. Thanks and I hope y'all enjoy the rest of this book.



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