16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


1. A Lonely Existence

Destiny's P.O.V.

16 years. 16 years, I've been to school with him. 8 years, I've been on love with him. 16 years, he's never noticed me. Who is "he"? Only my best friend. I know what you're thinking, "You said he doesn't notice you, Destiny!" And no, he doesn't notice me, not the way I want him to.

Owen is 17, the schools star soccer player, captain 3 years in a row, tall, tanned, toned, strong, hot, musical, great at dancing, romantic, funny, brave... the whole damn package! I know, how cliché of me. Hitting on the most popular guy in school, but I mean, come on! He has gorgeous, sea-green eyes and a killer smile. And I'm in love with him, all his perks, all his quirks, everything. That's how this all began...

8 years ago

I was in the backyard, Owen had his stupid shaggy hair covering his eyes, I had my hip length hair in pig tails. We were playing hide-and-go-seek, with 6 other friend, it was our birthday, and we decided to hide in the rose bushes. We were 8, we barely knew the meaning of love but right then, right there, I realized I felt something about him that I would never feel with anyone else. That was when it happened, I kissed him, right there and then.

*Hi, this is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! This story is based on my own feelings and experience, so yeah, Destiny is me. Thanks for reading, if you want me to write more or have a suggestion for me, please comment!!! ~Sophia~*

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